Top 25 edWebinars & edLeader Panels of 2022

Top 25 of 2022


Every year, we publish a list of the top edWebinars of the year, in case you’re looking for something to binge watch over the holidays. This year we presented over 400 new programs – more than ever!

We’ve published 2 Top 25 lists this year – the top 25 edWebinars and the top 25 edLeader Panels.

edWebinars appeal to all educators, especially teachers and librarians and many paraprofessionals, too. edWeb CE certificates are accepted in 42 states for teacher re-licensure. Check your state requirements here.

edLeader Panels are for administrators and include video and podcast recordings, and many also provide an article summary. The variety of formats make it easy for busy administrators to get the info in the most convenient way.

The rankings are based on the number of registrations the program received, indicating the popularity of the topic. The high quality of our programs is thanks to our sponsors and partners who host the programs and invite the most innovative and influential educators to present on so many timely topics.

You can click on the links below to watch the recordings at any time, on any device.


  1. The Writing Rope: A Framework for Evidence-Based Writing Instruction
  2. Sound Walls: A Big Boost for Early Literacy
  3. Support Strategies to Address Challenging Behaviors
  4. Developing Social and Emotional Intelligence in Young Children
  5. Writing About Reading: Help Every Student Craft a Constructed Response
  6. Chaos to Calm: Create a Calm Classroom During Wild Times
  7. Demystifying Dyslexia: History, Research, and Best Practices
  8. Implementing the Science of Reading Within an MTSS Framework
  9. Pre-K is STILL the Place for Play
  10. The Science of Reading: Myths, Truths, Tips, and Takeaways
  11. 3 Simple Approaches to Differentiate Phonics Instruction
  12. Using Visuals to Teach Social Skills and Emotional Literacy in Early Childhood
  13. Helping Children Develop Emotional Literacy
  14. Plan and Deliver Effective Reading Comprehension Mini-Lessons
  15. Behavior in the Classroom: Working with Students with Autism
  16. Science of Reading in Practice: 15-Minute Routines
  17. Special Education and the Reading Crisis: 4 Actions to Accelerate Reading
  18. The Number 1 Reading Skill Your Students are Missing
  19. The Science of Reading: Vocabulary Development and Comprehension in Grades 3-8
  20. Achieving Test Success with Constructed-Response Writing
  21. Every Child Can Fly: Including Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Education
  22. Making Educator Wellness a Priority: Simple Self-Care Strategies
  23. School Year Success: Strategies to Instill Positive Behavior in the Classroom
  24. Teaching Literacy to Early Learners: A Hands-On, Minds-On, Multisensory Approach
  25. Fighting, Anxiety, and Lack of Motivation: How to Address Students’ Biggest COVID-Related Challenge

edLeader Panels:

  1. Improve Mental Health Outcomes: How to Support and Empower Students and Parents
  2. Knowledge Building for Beginning Readers, with Dr. Freddy Hiebert
  3. Creating Positive PreK Classroom Environments and Meaningful Interactions
  4. High-Impact Tutoring: An Equitable, Proven Approach to Accelerate Learning
  5. Supporting Teachers: Strategies to Bring Joy Back into the Classroom
  6. Tips for Transitioning Students with Autism Into the Classroom
  7. The Truth About SEL: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and What It Means for You
  8. Building SEL Teams to Support Whole-Child Development
  9. 5 Ways to Improve Student Outcomes with Behavior Supports
  10. MTSS: Taking Efficacy from Good to Great
  11. Formative and Summative Assessment: Springboards for Achievement
  12. Best Practices to Support Emergent Bilingual Students
  13. Improve Student Assessment and Learning with Asynchronous Video
  14. Leadership and the Science of Reading: The Joys and Challenges of School Transformation
  15. Practicing Resilience with Trauma-Informed Practices for Adults and Students
  16. Building Awareness, Commitment, and Ownership for SEL in Your School District
  17. Impacting Student Achievement with Project-Based Learning and STEM
  18. Enhance and Simplify Any Classroom Routine with Interactive Smart Boards
  19. Engaging Students in Early Literacy: Join the WORD Force
  20. Reigniting Students Curiosity: Your New Playbook
  21. Bridging Family and Community Partners to Propel Student Achievement
  22. Powerful Strategies for Embedding SEL Across the Curriculum
  23. How Educators Can Have Courageous Conversations Inspired by Joyful and Diverse Books
  24. Systems Leadership for Equity Part 1: Belonging and Support for Equity
  25. How Schools Can Serve the Whole Child: Aligning Supports to Catalyze Student Success

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