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Virtual Professional Learning

Create a private PLC on edWeb that aligns with your goals while providing more choice, flexibility, and collaboration for all staff.

Create a private PLC for teachers, administrators, and all staff on edWeb, the largest, most supportive community for virtual, peer-to-peer, professional learning. Provide more personalized learning and support while connecting your staff to the largest, most engaged community of educators in the country and the world. When educators expand their networks for learning and support, it helps their well-being and resilience and the learning and well-being of their students.

Your PLC will be part of an ecosystem of community and engaging webinars for individualized, anytime learning.

edWeb is a community where your teachers, administrators, and staff can attend webinars live for collaboration in the chat or on-demand for anytime learning. They can choose from over 3,000 programs to earn PD hours, take assessments, provide reflections, and earn CE certificates approved for teacher license renewal in 42 states. They can learn any time and at their own pace.

Your PLC will have a blog, discussions, resources, email, and much more. You can add any of your own digital resources, too. Create sub-PLCs for new teachers, paras, administrators, and more.

Share the edWeb calendar to provide a PD buffet for all staff who need more peer support for these challenging time. Our 400 live webinars each year bring hundreds of educators together for each program to share in the learning and support each other in the live chat.


edWeb is a convenient hub for you to manage, monitor, and give recognition and advancement for staff professional learning.

Your teachers and staff will have a personal transcript to track their PD hours, take quiz assessments, complete personal learning plans, and earn CE certificates. Your administrators will be able to run reports on group and individual participation to review their work, the programs and topics they’ve selected, and their reflections on goals and the quality and impact of their learning. Convert edWeb PD hours to credit hours for job and salary advancement.

You’ll learn more about staff and student needs when you see the programs your staff chooses to watch, and the information they provide in their goals, reflections, and ratings. Allowing teachers and staff to have more autonomy to choose the programs that meet the needs of students has a big impact on motivation and participation. You’ll see how educators use and share what they learn so it has an even greater impact on student learning and well-being.

The edWeb team will make it easy for you to launch and grow your District PLC. We provide consulting, training, coaching, and implementation services developed from years of experience working with innovative educators to make professional learning engaging and effective.

Sign up, and we’ll reach out to tell you more about the benefits of a PLC for your school district on edWeb!

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