Read comments from our members, presenters, and partners.

Thank you for being part of my morning routine. I wake up and listen to 5 minutes of NPR to review the news. Then I go to edWeb and listen as I prepare to leave for school. Thank you for being such a generous source of professional development. You and your team have transformed my practice one webinar, one podcast at a time.

Tan Huynh, Educator in Cambodia

The data on our edWeb district program is very telling and amazing! I’d encourage districts to use edWeb as their hub so teachers keep going back to it.

Donna Reichman, Assistant Superintendent, Wayne Township Public Schools (NJ)

I wanted to express my appreciation for the hard work that edWeb does to provide such a variety of professional development opportunities for educators. Not only is there broad content, but it is free of charge and offers the opportunity for continuing education credit. I am also thankful for the ability to watch the recording afterwards so that I can fit it into my schedule in a way that works for me.

Amy Yost, School Counselor, The Raleigh School, NC

Thank you so very much! I am truly enjoying these edWebinars. I’ve been teaching pre k since 1974. There have been many changes but one thing always stays the same, the children. They are truly the best thing in life. These edWebinars have kept me updated on many changes and given me that little kick that I need from time to time to remind me that children are children no matter what! So thank you!

Rose Flanagan, Lead Teacher, Gilbert Public Schools

This was an inspiring and motivating presentation. I loved the practical strategies the presenter gave us. I will use it for reference and post it on my board. Thinking outside the box and putting on other people’s shoes is just what we need sometimes, to give ourselves and others a break for a new impulse forward. Thank you very much.

Monica Quintero

The opportunity to join like-minded educators and share additional strategies and resources in the chat was the icing on the cake.

Veronica Anklam

I discovered edWeb when I was a classroom teacher running a program for preschoolers with autism. I was fresh out of graduate school and knew I had a lot more to learn! I have always valued professional development as a cornerstone to being an effective teacher, so I was so excited when I discovered edWeb and the Teaching Students with Autism community. I was thrilled at the chance to learn in short bursts on my own time (the option to watch recordings was especially helpful) while gaining CEUs – and all for free!

I continued accessing edWeb until transitioning from the classroom to my current role at STAR Autism Support (SAS), who also happens to be one of the consortium members of the Teaching Students with Autism community. My interest in receiving professional development sparked my passion for providing it to others, which is one of the reasons I was honored to join the SAS team as a training specialist. After presenting the “Lessons Learned” training for edWeb, I feel like I have come full circle – from receiving training as a newbie to providing training to educators around the globe! Such a rewarding experience.

Alicia Balfrey, Autism Training Specialist, STAR Autism Support

This was honestly the best PD I have ever been a part of, in regards to trauma-informed practices. All the material was brilliantly presented so all could understand the effects trauma has on the brain and how to help students get to their learning brain. I am sending the recording to my supervisor and fellow counselors as soon as I get it!

Lorle Young, School Counselor, Knox County Schools

I feel like I just grabbed a lifesaver. Thank you! Already recommended to colleagues.

Linda Mitchell, Librarian, Prince William County Schools

I really enjoyed the webinar, Embracing Anti-Bias Classrooms: A Response to Racism in America. It was so eye-opening for me as a teacher who teaches very young children. I work in a nonprofit homeless shelter for families with dependents, with over 90% being young black children. I am always advocating that until these families are empowered within they will repeat this cycle. I struggle in life as a black female in school because I was a sharecropper grandchild, whose grandparents were not educated themselves. After school was integrated I was instructed by my white teacher to take the base classes in school because college was not an option for me. Thanks to all the ladies who shared life on this webinar keep the good work up.

Annie Paylor, Teacher

I am new to edWeb and have to tell you, I absolutely love and appreciate it. Not only am I enjoying it, but I’m learning some cool stuff. I regret that I did not have such a resource last millennium!

Eric GoodrichSubstitute Teacher and Retired School Social Worker

I can’t wait to share what I learned with my coworkers. I’m so glad edWeb is available to me as a children’s librarian in a public library. It’s one great big amazing resource!

Karen Earp, Ocean Pines Library

I really enjoyed the specific tools and recommendations! I can see myself putting them in practice tomorrow. The advice and knowledge was given by real educators, which is invaluable.

Stephanie LeBlanc, Instructional Strategist, MSAD 51

I am a Literacy Coach in Spartanburg School District 6. Someone invited me to a webinar when I was a classroom teacher and I have been viewing these for 3 years. As a Literacy Coach I forward webinars to our teachers. Thank you for this resource. It’s phenomenal. I’ve learned so much!

Carlton Carruth, Literacy Coach, Spartanburg School District 6

Just wanted to tell you that we are formally educated for a short period but andragogily self-educated our whole lives. You guys are such a valuable resource to that end. Good job and keep up the good work.

Michael Haran, Institute of Progressive Education and Learning

Needed this type of fun today. edWeb has the best webinars ever!!!!

Mary Jo Huff, Multi-Award Winning Author, Master Storyteller and Puppeteer for the Early Childhood Classroom

I LOVE edWeb webinars for countless reasons. The fact that you send the webinar link to every registered guest (for free!) sets you apart from other webinar facilitators. You spotlight exemplary educators working in the field, day-to-day, and their expertise is powerful!

Tamara Letter, M.Ed., Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Hanover County Public Schools, VA

I want to sincerely thank you for your your excellent educational website! Keep up the great work! I have been recommending your wonderful website edWeb since 2016. I knew I found a gem from the first time I viewed an edWebinar. I really appreciate the important work you do for education! Your website is definitely an all-star!

John-Michael Werking, Learning Support/Inclusion Teacher, Altoona Area School District, PA

I have been attending these webinars for at least 1 to 1 1/2 years; I absolutely love them, and the wide choice. I learned of this site from our County BOE representatives.

Charline Robinson, Intervention Teacher, Adel, GA

Oh my gosh!! I love this new platform for PD and a built-in collaborative community! This is the best idea I’ve seen in a while! I can watch relevant material, at my leisure, take a quiz & submit for staff development credits–but I can also see archived resources and connect with other educators like me! I love this resource! Thank you so much.

Kristen Koeller, RTI Instructional Coach, Northern California

edWeb.net is your one stop shop for professional development opportunities. I enjoy becoming a part of the various online communities. By doing so, I am able to increase my technology tool box as well as collaborate with fellow teachers.

Brittany Fowler, Freed-Hardeman University student, M.Ed. in Instructional Technology Program

edWeb is what teachers need who have real lives.

Robert McCarthy, Math Teacher, Immaculate Conception School, NY

I just watched the webinar entitled Creating Tomorrows Schools Today and I was moved by all the information that I heard about…. I thoroughly enjoy the classroom but after seeing the webinar I’m inspired to fulfill my administrator calling…. The webinar just adds to the plate as far as how much more of a positive impact I could make if I were to become an administrator. This forum will indeed give me more information. I look forward to the great things that will come out of being in this community.

Gail Morris, Business Education/Computer Technology Instructor, Gauger-Cobbs Middle School

I love your webinars! I’ve told all my coworkers about them.

Mary Newell, Preschool Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School, Springfield VA

Thank you so much for the wonderful webinars you provide to educators. I love the Early Childhood communities and have joined several groups. I appreciate the archives so I can watch the sessions when I am free( and relaxed). Thank you again. PS I have learned so much from the presenters.

Janice L Marshall, Kinder Teacher, Amphi Schools

When I think about how far we have come regarding technology, it is amazing!  Your workshops can be accessed by people everywhere and nobody had to get on an airplane to present it :)

Robin Sachs, Child Development Faculty, MiraCosta College

I want to thank everyone for all the wisdom you shared. This is so amazing… It has encouraged me to be more aware of my actions and attitude. It is also refreshing to have all this knowledge in one place. Such a blessing. I am inspired and empowered.

Alicia Weeden, Paraprofessional Educator, Robert R. Gray Elementary School, MD

LOVE the new calendar with archived webinars. Really makes it easier for me to view past events given my busy days. And I continue to recommend to colleagues that they sign up and take advantage of the great PD opps from edWeb.

Davida Bagatelle, Special Education Liaison/Teacher

Wow! Thank you so much for all of your help and support! I had so much fun sharing, and I loved feeling the energy from the side chat box! I’ll be promoting the recording for the rest of the week! It was great to work with you! It usually feels hard to connect with the audience during a webinar, but I felt instant connections!

Neil Gupta, Director of Secondary Education, Worthington City Schools in Ohio

I just want to THANK YOU for offering so many quality webinars and other professional development opportunities. Your service is wonderful, your topics informative and you make it so easy to participate.

Patty Spitnale, Director at Aldersgate Day School

Leaders like myself always turn to edWeb for the best practitioner-driven strategies, ideas, and solutions to improve professional practice.

Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership, International Center for Leadership in Education

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank edWeb for holding such tremendously enlightening and extremely thought-provoking presentations full of fantastic ideas and invaluable strategies. They are always well thought out and clear, and hold my interest until the end. Watching your webinars has given me a lot of insight. They are a treasure chest for everyone. edWeb is simply exceptional. Keep up your excellent work!

Rizwana Bari, English Teacher, Kiev, Ukraine

Thank you so much ! Last night’s principal chat went super smooth, and there was lots of great discussion. The hour goes by so fast! I’m receiving lots of positive feedback from the chat participants. I’m also getting lots of positive feedback regarding edWeb, too!  The principals are loving the platform and might I add, I am too!!!

Charles Shultz, NAESP Principal Coach

edWeb has become a valuable component of my professional development. Thank you, edWeb, for putting me in the driver’s seat of my development!!

Debb Greco, 4th Grade Teacher, Thomas B. Conley School, Asbury, NJ

I am always showing educators and administrators the wonders of all that is edWeb.

Rachel Murat, Teacher and Tech Integrator, Maine-Endwell High School, Endwell, NY

I have posts from edWeb come in through my school email account and they open the door to discussion in this immediate community but also with my students! Some of the cases I’ve read make for great class opening discussions and add a rich depth to my lessons. Frankly, I enjoy learning with this community and I will continue to share the resources developed and provided by Common Sense Media. I look forward to “kicking off” my 2015-2016 academic year with a collection of Digital Passports, units, and case-scenario role plays!

Erin Gillespie, ICT Teacher, German-Swiss International School

Downloading the edweb calendar is one of the best things I ever did.

Susie Highley, Media Specialist, Indianapolis, IN

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help as a group and individually with setting up the communities. I may have found another interesting vocation – all this technology is fun to learn! The system is really easy to use.

Carol Riley, Associate Executive Director, Professional Learning and Outreach, National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP)

I did an extensive search to see which online educational program would best meet my need for a platform that created a collaborative online learning community that I could use for the doctoral seminars I teach. I settled on edWeb and could not be more pleased, both because of its collaborative features and because of the first-class support it provides. Any question or issue I have had is immediately addressed with a high level of professional expertise.

Holbrook Mahn, Professor, University of New Mexico

I am so grateful to have the support system of so many brilliant minds on this site. Thank you again!

Nicholas Clayton, SDC Teacher/Tech Coach, Victor Elementary School District, CA

I just love the edWeb.net team and all that the organization has to offer!  Keep up the terrific work, because educators like myself are truly benefiting from the outstanding information and ideas presented in your webinars.

April Rice, Media Specialist, Holy Rosary Catholic School in Jacksonville, Florida

‘The sum of all the parts is greater than the whole’ – COLLABORATION – edWeb is fun and informative!!!

Barbara Cotter, Technology Instructor, Florida

edWeb is a goldmine.

Rachel Langenhorst, Technology Integrationist, Rock Valley School District, Iowa

O-M-G. I can’t thank you enough. We need this.

Latrina Helfrich, Center Director, Xplor Private Preschool and Early Care Center, Carrollton, Texas

I enjoyed Mary Jo Huff’s Storytelling and Puppetry Webinar so much! I often use stuffed animals, finger puppets and other small manipulatives, like rubber ducks, to make activities more exciting in my preschool classroom but she gave me so many new ways to enhance my lessons for this coming year. Thanks for providing teachers with an interesting hour filled with some very creative new ideas!

Rosemary Medeiros, Teacher, Silveira Kindergarten & Nursery School, Rhode Island

I truly LOVE having access to such quality professionals in the education field, that are spread all across the country, and the access is from my home computer here in little old Gladstone, Oregon…technology is amazing!! My grandparents would be in total awe of what we’re capable of… Thanks to Lisa Schmucki and others that clearly had a vision and made it a reality! May edWeb continue for decades to come, supporting and educating professionals that daily impact our next generations!

Kecia Melton, Substitute Teacher, Gladstone, Oregon

Thank You edWeb. You have made my summer such a fantastic learning experience. The webinars have opened up so many different perspectives and I feel enriched. The hour long webinars have been rich in content and an excellent form of professional development right here in my home. Thank you edweb by keeping everything so updated and recent.

Heeru Bhojwani, Librarian, American School of Bombay, Mumbai, India

Recently, my Pre-K class and I took part in a webinar from edWeb via Time for Kids and viewed scientists “LIVE from Antarctica”.  The scientist specifically spoke about the penguins they were studying. My students were so excited! How often do you actually get to hear and see live from actual scientists from their geological site? The students were also engaged in polls and answering questions from them. We learned many new facts about penguins and about Antarctica.

Christi Gonzales, PreK Teacher at Chitimacha Tribal School, Lousianna and District Representative - Louisiana Early Childhood Association Monthly Journal

As always EDWeb, you ROCK!

Barbara Cotter, Florida

Thank you edWeb.net, you are a new professional resource for me, and so far have been fabulous!  Looking forward to building my online PLC.

Karen from Vancouver Island, Canada

I’ve learned so much this school year from these edWeb webinars!

Deb Goetjen, New Jersey

Excellent resources. It was like attending FETC in Florida and not having to travel there!

Leslie Siegel

New to edWeb…this is my 3rd webinar and I LOVE the professional development opportunities here. ADDICTED! My co-worker hooked me onto edWeb!

Pamela Meehan, United States

The work you are doing at edWeb is outstanding and needs to be in the hands of more people.  Leaders have to do a better job of modeling the learning process.  Thanks again for the opportunity to present.

Joe Sanfelippo, edWeb presenter and Superintendent and Elementary Principal of the Fall Creek School District in Fall Creek, Wisconsin

I have found that these webinars have been incredible for personal development, have done 40+ since last fall and love the entire concept of the edWeb network of groups – it really narrows things down to communities of people with whom you can really work with on common goals.

Allan R Chabot-Stahls from Port-au-Prince, Haïti

Thank you for the opportunity!  It was amazing!  We enjoyed the experience.  I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my students shared an experience with scientists working in Antarctica in real time!  Amazing!

Janie Ashcraft Winn, Ph.D, Kindergarten Teacher, Morgan Elementary School

Thank you so very much for providing this FREE webinar – with funding so tight, this option is about all we have for our professional development.

Debra Sahleen, Teacher, Colton Elementary, OR

Thank you  Shannon  for the resources that have been posted in the “Stop Bullying” community.   I have been sharing them with our counselor and incorporating them in the cyberbullying/internet safety unit I teach with our 4th and 5th graders.   I’m always glad to find practical, common sense materials that have the heart of a child as the focal point.   Appreciate it!

Rosa Blocker, Library Media Specialist, Cushing Public Schools, Oklahoma

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of the webinars for library media specialists.  I watched my first one yesterday and immediately e-mailed the other media specialists in our district to let them know about this incredible resource.

Sheri PruittMedia SpecialistSonoraville Elementary School, Calhoun, Georgia

This is the best presenter and the best video I have ever seen. This man MUST be a regular to help us understand the appropriate components to learning.

Amber Cece, Teacher of the Visually ImpairedHouston Independent School System

These are some of the best webinars ever!

Mary Elizabeth Smith Bryan University

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of many edWeb communities, and benefited greatly from the recent webinars.

Heather Murfee, School LibrarianElko Middle School

Hi!! Awesome work! THANK YOU for bringing this network of education to us!!

Trish MohrGrand Forks, ND

Thank you soooooo much! I really have to say this was an AMAZING experience for me! You and your team are wonderful!!!

Nicole Rothbauer, edWeb PresenterSalem City (Ohio)

Thanks so much. These webinars are great. I cannot imagine how else I would be able to participate in PD on this level!

Lorraine ScaffidiLorraine Scaffidi, Librarian, The Kings Christian SchoolCherry Hill, NJ

I have found your site to be one of the finest PD opportunities available. Please, keep up the excellent work! We are now using your webinars as regular PD in our school.

Judy CorneliusDirector of TechnologyPrince of Peace Catholic School

Best webinar I’ve experienced all year, but since it’s from you, I’m not surprised. Thank you so much for this and all you do! :)

Lee Cook Plank Junior High, Oswego, Il

This was by far the BEST webinar I’ve ever experienced.  I now believe everyone should use Twitter as the backchannel for a webinar because it allows searchable resources for later.  So many positives as well as the presentation itself.  Shannon was fabulous and responded to each of our tweets.  He is very dedicated and models what he teaches.

Renee SetserCoordinator of Instructional Technology, Innovative TechnologyManor ISD, Manor, TX

Here are some recent tweets at #edwebchat

Although @twitter is great for #prodev, I love #edwebnet webinars with @newteacherhelp. So much energy & so many great ideas. #edwebchat.

@newteacherhelp Wow! 24/7 of resources sounds fabulous! Just set up my @edwebnet account.

#edwebchat @newteacherhelp thanks for a great webinar.

#edwebchat Great ideas and resources today on twitter in the classroom. Sad it is over!

Thank you all for sharing your great ideas! Glad to be there, it’s 7am right now in my area, though.)) Such a valuable time!!! #edwebchat

Thank you for a webinar filled with awesome ideas & resources! #edwebchat

@InstTechTalk I just did my first twitter chat, #edwebchat! awesome

Really helpful webinar. Love all the resources-and they’ll all be available! #edwebchat

This has been one of the best webinar, very practical and useful ideas on Tweetir in the classroom! Thanks a lot! #edwebchat

Posted on Twitter Today

edWeb is the best thing since sliced bread!

Irene KwidzinskiLibrary Media SpecialistConnecticut Assn of School Librarians (CASL), New Milford, CT

This is by far the best PLN for educators that I have found! I send out a tech tidbit each week to my staff and always include something new that I’ve discovered on the site and in communities. I believe that online PLNs are the way that many districts are heading, not just because of budget cuts, but because this is the wave of the future…present!

Janna ElfrinkInstructional Technology SpecialistReeds Spring R-IV School District, Reeds Spring, MO

THANK YOU for this wonderful learning tool for me.  I have enjoyed and put to use so many ideas that I have learned.  Two years ago I searched high and low for a specific class on building a working platform for the students that I tutor.  After a long discussion and paying a lot of money, I took a class from a University Professor.  She was a great salesman.  It was exactly the opposite of what I was looking for, wasted time and money.  Last night I watched with my mouth open in awe and my pen racing taking notes as Shannon Holden in his Classroom Flipping webinar gave me EXACTLY the information I was looking for.  And, with great enthusiasm.  (I did not even complete the class that I paid for as it was so mundane).

On the positive side, I would like to think that perhaps I was ahead of the curve looking for such a class 2 years ago, and I learned how not to conduct online learning.  edWeb has taught me how to bring today’s learning environment into the classroom and make learning fun.

Debbie WilsonTeacher Vail, CO

Why I Love Being an edWeb Webinar Presenter – Being a webinar presenter on edWeb.net has put me in a position to impact the lives of thousands of teachers and students in a positive way. All too often, educators work in isolation because they are hesitant to share their weaknesses, challenges, and concerns with colleagues and supervisors. edWeb has been a great vehicle for teachers to find a helping hand that doesn’t pass judgment on them or their abilities. I have been able to collaborate and network with teachers and administrators from all fifty states, and numerous foreign countries to find out “what works” in classrooms. This type of real-time interaction is the future of education, and I am so glad to be a part of it!

Shannon HoldenAssistant PrincipalRepublic Middle School, Republic, MO

I am so glad to be a member of edWeb. I find edWeb speakers at webinars and other members to be helpful and not selfish in sharing their resources and knowledge of best practice in education. I have benefited a lot from online networking and discussing issues commonly encountered in our field with colleagues from the US. I am encouraging my teachers to become a member and take advantage of what Ed Web has to offer. I will add to my new teacher training program edWeb membership. Oh, I could go on and on.

Leah MontanoELD Program CoordinatorAPU International School, Vietnam

Wow, I just finished this webinar and submitted the quiz for it. This was really great, and would benefit any first year teacher!!! Lots of good information. Thanks

Glenda CrosbyEducation TechnicianEnfield Station School, Maine

edWeb.net–favorite site of the year?? If you aren’t familiar with edweb.net “where the education community meets,” take a tour. This is a social network that belongs in the “must experience” category of your web life for those involved in education.

The Library Notes Blog

As a freelance journalist, I’m always looking for the best sources to interview for the stories I write for Ed Week and other publications. edWeb gives me instant access to educators around the nation who can speak passionately about what matters to them most. And for that I am deeply grateful!

Robin L. FlaniganJournalist

I would like to compliment you on the wonderful work you and your team have done. We spent months looking at various options for a social networking site or framework able to accommodate our ambitious dreams and edWeb is it. We haven’t regretted the decision for a minute.

Carl FalsgrafDirector of the Center for Applied Second Language StudiesUniversity of Oregon

Thanks for yesterday’s Webinar. It was the first one that I have participated in and I found the content informative and the system of delivery easy and convenient. It was a snow day at school, so I participated from home. I was impressed by the number of participants from all over the globe… Thanks again for a great professional development session. I look forward to using more of the resources, including Webinars, from edWeb in the future.

Robin MagistraliLibrary Media SpecialistTorrington High School, Torrington, CT

The edWeb tools have been extremely beneficial for our coaches. For instance, all documents from trainings and coaching information are made available online for their convenience and so that pertinent information does not get lost in personal hard drives. All important dates specifically for coaches are utilized with the calendar tool so communication about deadlines and professional development is clear. Coaches are currently using the Wiki to make changes to content outlined for an eventual Power Point presentation they will present. Blogs are used for coaches to share best practices. Recently, coaches were asked to share their experience with their initial meetings with their mentees. Another critical aspect of the edWeb community for our coaches is the threaded discussions. This tool was used initially by posting a question when coaches were first hired where they were asked to describe their expectations of a Technology Integration Coach. Coaches then responded and some included clarifying questions for others before everyone had met for the first time. They also took the online survey I created to get a visual for everyone to view regarding computer and teaching expertise of the group as a whole.

Kelly DalyEnglish TeacherBanning High School, Banning, CA

This website ROCKS! I set up my community and sent out the email invites to all my teachers and 5 minutes later 3 had already joined! I kid you not. I tried using a Ning and this beats it by a mile! Thank you so much.

Martha VincentSpecial ServicesRegion 8 Education Service Center, Mt. Pleasant TX

I found the presentation to be informative, insightful, and beneficial. I believe this is a perfect mix of hearing expertise shared with the opportunity to dialogue openly and have questions answered so quickly. It is a wonderful way to secure a range of ideas and reference in a short amount of time. Thank you for modeling what can be done through this venue. I need to learn more to do the same for our members for various topics. The work you are doing is real, relevant, and informative. Thank you for leading this collective engagement in thinking and processing about teaching, learning, and leadership.

Kelly MeyersAssociate Executive DirectorAssociation of Wisconsin School Administrators

I love the archived webinars because I am able to stop and start and go back and in general, take my time to absorb the information. Thanks for all you do to make this possible.

Elaine MooreMedia SpecialistCardinal Mooney Catholic High School

edWeb has proven to be a valuable resource for our learning community. The number one complaint of all educators is not enough time. edweb provides an online meeting spot where ideas and resources can be shared with ease. We can use it in school or in the comfort of our own home. It easy to use and has so many useful applications.

Cory RadischPrincipalMaple Place Middle School

I am so impressed with the responsiveness of this site. I have learned a great deal and have shared so much information with my colleagues. I am also encouraging them to join us. You are doing a masterful job and I thank you.

Eva O'MaraPrincipalHighland Drive Elementary, Brecksville, OH

I recently stumbled upon edWeb.net and I cannot say enough great things about it. In the short time I have become a member, I have attended several webinars with my teachers, watched archived sessions that I missed, made connections with other educators, and provided resources to my district about Common Core Standards. The membership is free and once you are logged in, you can search for communities to belong to such as PD in Action and Implementing the Common Core Standards. Many of the communities host live webinars and all sessions are archived and include the slides and recorded chat session files. In addition, the site includes personal profiles, live chat, messaging, polling, discussions, shared calendars, wikis, and shared bookmarks.

Lynn ReedyDiscovery Education Blog

I am also so thankful I found this incredible website and all the generous contributors. You have answered questions I didn’t even know I had!

Nancy McEnanlyLibrary Media SpecialistMt. Pleasant High School, Providence, RI

This was the first webinar that I’ve had a chance to view in quite some time…..as always….great information. Thanks to you, I sound so smart when I speak to my colleagues about trends and sites to inspire us in our journey toward 21st century tech.

Donna PreszLibrary Services SupervisorOttawa Catholic School Board, ON, Canada

I really had a great time attending the live webinar on Using Data to Start the Conversation yesterday. I’m totally blown away with how the presenter elucidate the “4 big ideas” and how she backed them up with empirical data. I really agree with the presenter that Test Scores, Attendance, Graduation, Teacher Qualifications and Safety and Security are the major elements that would contribute to the “portrait of your school.” These are really highly significant because they play a vital role in the achievement of that certain school in the district.

Descartes DocaboFrontier College, ON, Canada

So impressed with the edWeb PLCs and have been a member since last spring.

Sherri JamesCoordinator of Professional Growth and LearningPortland Christian Schools

I am a 4th grade teacher from a very small school district. I am excited to view the webinars, collaborate with fellow educators, and be an active part of this community. Being a teacher from a small school district, I teach all subjects to my students, and I am the only grade level teacher. It will be very nice to have support from other 4th grade teachers.

Janis BehrensTeacherLind School District

The discussions are brilliant. The responses that I have seen are very diverse and all are worthy of further discussion.

Brad HenryEducation TechnologistThe Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

I have learned more about the math practices from these webinars than I have anywhere else on the web. Thanks.

Rebecca Zullo, M. Ed.Graduate instructorCommunicate Institute Training and Development, LLCFairview Park, OH

I just watched this webinar in its entirety and it was terrific! Thank you. As the school librarian, I’d love to share this with my teachers. I know they, like I would, would like to get CE credit…. This is a wonderful way I can facilitate their professional development so I’m hoping I can be the go between.

Marie BlairSchool LibrarianOLS SchoolBirmingham, AL

Sam Wang is quite a gem. I was enthralled for the hour plus and have already downloaded his book on my Kindle. What a great service to educators.

Gerry BogatzPresidentMarketingWorks, Inc.Doylestown, PA

This group is not just for NEW teachers. I’ve been teaching forever and learn something new every time I log into Shannon’s webinars.

Nancy HamannTeacherNew Hampshire

The great thing about these webinars is learning something new from the presenter(s) as well as participants.

Khorshed BhoteHead of Programme within Teacher educationan Adult and Community/Further Education collegeLondon, England

Remember the days of in-service- sitting for hours, while some topic is broadcast to the masses. It didn’t matter what the topic, as long as you were present to put in the time, you either walked away gaining some insight or you just walked away. As we move through the 21st century, more and more teachers are becoming responsible for their own professional development. The amount of education related material that is available on the internet is incredible and if you are not already connected to something education related, you are already behind the times. Listserves, 140 conferences, unconferences, edcamps, webinars, and even online communities like Nings, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Social Bookmarking and edweb can provide professional learning anytime- anywhere. But if you are looking for a place to start, edWeb can be that first step. edWeb is a learning community dedicated to educators. After a quick sign in process, you can search for and join any of hundreds of communities. Within these communities are blog sites, discussion forums and chat areas. You can post questions to your community or follow /participate in any of the discussion topics of interest to you. The great thing that Ed Web also has is webinars. Click to join these and engage in the discussions that take place during the show. Most take an hour to complete and the best part is that they should be about a topic you want to explore further.  Most webinars take place after 3 pm and if you miss one it will be archived for anytime viewing. If you are looking to get more from your PD, edWeb is a great place to start.

Doug AlichwerLibrarianCentral Dauphin School DistrictHarrisburg, PA

Thank you to you all for your help!  I am so grateful to be able to find support here to continue on with the process!  It has all been very helpful!  We present our plans to the School District next month.  Hopefully all goes well and we will start next fall with our plans.
Thanks again!  and best of luck to you all!  This is a worthwhile cause that affects a lot of children for good.

Adrienne PlickaGarden CoordinatorHooper elementary school

Dear edWeb Team, Congratulations for your awards which you deserve for your hard work to help education by sharing around the world with generosity and without distinctions. Thanks a lot!

Maritere Meléndez Mantilla de ElorreagaForeign Language TeacherChiclayo City, Lambayeque, Perú

I want to thank you for this course as it has inspired me to step outside my comfort level and start making partnerships with for instance the public teen librarian who has access to tonnes of ebooks. I am trying to get ereaders here for kids to sign out in order to use her collection. Also, I am now partnering with a very tech savvy French language teacher. We are joining together to teach staff how to use emerging technology to build content in their classes. She and I will demonstrate the techniques at staff meetings and I will support teachers by facilitating in learning the “how- to” on their prep time in the library. I now also have a vision of how social media can be used to enhance my library program, and even though my blog is still vastly underutilized, I have hope for the future in trying Facebook and Twitter now that our board is easing up on the filters.

Sarah MurrayTeacher-LibrarianSt. Joseph High SchoolOttawa, Ontario, Canada

There is such a need for all you are doing with technology in education. If teachers will start incorporating tech in the classroom, student engagement will soar!

Amy AndersAssistant. PrincipalAtascocita High School, Humble, TX

Enjoyed every moment of this webinar. Thank you for inspiring me.

Pat LawtonHealth Careers InstructorGreenwood, IN

I teach in the middle of Kansas. We are a very small district. We have two sites that are about 25 minutes apart. It’s fun to talk with other teachers and hear about their classes and how things work or don’t work. That’s what I really like about the edWeb site. Thanks for all the great information you post and the conversations you generate.

Jo WalkerSpecial Ed TeacherTescott Grade School, Tescott, KS

I am a big supporter of edWeb. I am in several communities and I often share information about upcoming events or communities that I think our staff might be interested in. I love edWeb and I want my colleagues to see what it has to offer.

Susan CrowleyTeacher LibrarianAbington High School, Abington, MA

I really enjoyed the presentation … and am going to be busy following through on some of the resources presented. I am looking forward to the next webinar – hope I can make it live.

Deborah LeveranceTechnology Integration SpecialistGila County ESA

Thank you for the lesson plan documents. They are excellent and it is always nice when you don’t have to “invent the wheel”. Keep up the great work!

Laura BreazealeTeacherSumter County Middle SchoolAmericus, Georgia

edWeb has been an amazing experience, and we have really enjoyed working with you.

Kathy Hoppe, STEMisED Educational Engagement with USPTO

I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many great communications professionals and you really stand out as someone who helps us do our jobs and have fun with it too. Thank you so much for being incredibly responsive, professional, and approachable. It was truly a joy to work together. I’m already telling my team how we need to do more of these edWebinars and am so appreciative that EALA helped us sponsor this presentation.

Jared B. Fries ("JBF"), Partnerships Lead, Gradient Learning

We are thrilled to be partnering with edWeb in the launching of our new Structured Literacy Instruction community. At Really Great Reading, we understand that the true driving force behind student success lies in the hands of dedicated educators. Partnering with edWeb was a natural next step in fulfilling our mission of equipping administrators and teachers with the right tools and knowledge to ensure the best student literacy outcomes.

Scott DeSimone, CEO, Really Great Reading

Thanks, edWeb Team, for the range of resources that are created from the edLeader Panel!

Kerryn Colen, Communication & Engagement Lead, PeopleBench

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the edWeb team and will certainly be reaching out in the future to do more sessions!

Kristina Kisch, MSEd, Director of Admissions & Recruitment, Yeshiva University, Wurzweiler School of Social Work

We appreciate the edWeb platform and find it to be among the most effective lead generation methods for our clients.

Emily Garner Sumner, CEO, Spyre Marketing

We love edWeb! Along with the numbers and data we receive, we also love being in the same space as educators from all over the world.

Toni Rose Deanon, Community Engagement Manager, Modern Classrooms Project

I love working with the edWeb Team! I’m impressed by their innovation and the great ways they push out our content and resources. Hosting webinars with them is so easy, and I appreciate all of the tech support.

Gretchen Witthuhn, Senior Webinar Marketing Manager, Panorama Education

After working with our school districts, preparing our edWebinars is my next favorite thing to do. edWeb is a big win for us at Common Sense. The chat comments make my day and the presentations are such a great opportunity for our educator presenters.

Jennifer Ehehalt, Sr. Regional Manager, Common Sense Education

I love the platform edWeb provides for education professionals to meet and share good ideas. Improving education requires educators to get together, to talk about what is working, what is not and collaborating to improve our specific realities.

Jay Meadows, CEO, Exemplars.com

Hosting edWebinars solves a lot of challenges for our team, and we love that educators get CE credit from the presentations. It’s a great way to reach a wide audience, and the CE credit provides our community with a resource they need. The edWeb Team is reliable, quick, and consistent, and it takes so many logistical tasks off of my plate. We can trust them to handle all of our needs, with a friendly, supportive touch.

Aurora Dreger, Network Lead, EALA Networks Lead, InnovateEDU

edWeb has been our #1 lead generator. We have successfully closed some big deals through our edWeb programs and connected with edWeb attendees at our in-person events.

Brady Smekens, Director of Professional Development, Smekens Education

edWeb is a trusted professional learning resource for organizations, administrators, and educators, and my first choice for hosting high-impact webinars focused on the issues that matter in K-12 education.

Allison Maudlin, VP of Marketing, New Meridian

The results of edWeb’s banner advertising are great! I have this in mind as something we could add again to my campaign portfolio later this year.

Jesse Loudenbarger, Marketing Manager, Solution Tree

The edWeb Team gave good support and helped our presenters feel comfortable. We were pleasantly surprised about the many leads we received!

Samantha Jones, Event Manager, Collaborative Classroom

Congratulations on 15 impressive years of edWeb. Education NEEDED an online PD community to connect educators and education companies. edWeb created a vibrant learning legacy!

Jane Radenhausen, President, J Daly Associates

Our edWebinar outperformed and gave us the best third-party advertising and overall webinar experience last year. edWeb was at the top of the list to include in our budget planning for 2023!

Lindsay Dixon Garcia, Head of Content, Hāpara

Thank you for the incredible communication and support. The simplicity in registering, viewing, interacting with participants, is what makes the edWeb team truly unmatched in what you do for educators. Always proud to be part!

Jimmy Brehm, VP of Academic Planning & Solution Development, Scholastic

Thank you again so much for our edWebinar. I was thrilled to see our NPS score! We’ve received a few follow-up emails from teachers sharing stories of just how badly our approach is needed. Your team members that we worked with were fantastic. The whole experience was just so well designed and managed. Thank you!

Courtney Reilly, Co-Founder, Skillsline

edWeb does everything right and this [report] update is another example of edWeb’s willingness to use client feedback for positive results. Thank you for all your team does!

Jane Radenhausen, President, J Daly Associates

I am very happy with the quality of the leads generated this time around. We reached exactly the folks we were after, and with a very high-quality learning experience. I really appreciate edWeb working hand in glove with us not only on delivering a fabulous presentation, but also on meeting our goals for sponsorship. Many props to the whole edWeb team!

David Paige, ABC-CLIO

edWeb team, thank you again for your partnership! You all are truly the best to work with and on behalf of Kaplan Early Learning Company, we are grateful to be able to connect with educators via this platform.

Raven Griffin, Marketing Manager, Kaplan Early Learning Company

edWeb is the gift that keeps on giving because the edWebinar is recorded and easily available for the 400+ people who registered and didn’t attend. We should be getting even more positive feedback in the weeks to come.

Sandy Goldberg, Education Director, The WNET Group

This edWebinar made me so proud to be an educator as I see how our leaders have taught the entire world how to respond to uncertainty with innovation, empathy, and flexibility! Thank you all for the work you do to create a continuously better learning environment for our students. These edWebinars provide our educators innovative and inspiring ideas. They are a treasure and very professionally created. It is an honor to be a part of this work.

Jerri Kemble, National Academic Advisory and Evangelist for ClassLink

This has been yet another wonderful experience with the edWeb team. We deeply enjoyed it, and look forward to all of the follow-up. It was such a pleasure to be able to share this work with a wider audience.

Alex Dreier, Associate Director of Online Learning, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, College of Education at NC State University

The work is so much deeper and richer with wonderful collaborators and people who share core values and mission. This is how I feel about all of you at edWeb. Thank you for all you put into making it seamless on every level.

Pam Allyn, Co-Founder, Dewey

edWeb, THANK YOU for your partnership and for providing a platform for this important conversation to be shared with educators around the world! You all are remarkable and a true joy to work with.

Raven Griffin, Marketing Manager, Kaplan Early Learning Company

I am so impressed with all the support you provide. Thanks for making my job easier.

Irene Spero, CEO, NextChapter Consulting, LLC

The EdWeb Community is strong and helped make it easy for enthusiasm and passion to be noticed during our talk.

Noelle Morris, Senior Director of Community Engagement, HMH

From the first planning meeting to the event itself and the follow-up reporting, working with edWeb.net on our recent edLeader Panel was an incredible experience! We watched our website light up with traffic after they sent the first invitation, and they brought an impressive number of prospects to the panel. We highly recommend edWeb and can’t wait for our next event!

Douglass Mabry, Director of Marketing, Alma

Working with edWeb was simply smooth, meaningful, and wonderful. The team expertly and patiently guided us through the technology and marketing, and every interaction with them was joyful and productive. What was most powerful, though, was the edWebinar itself, which gathered hundreds of curious and committed teachers from all over the country. Our Folger PD is always highly interactive and learner-centered, and even though we couldn’t see or hear our colleagues, we all found creative ways to immerse everyone in experiential learning and to listen to the perspectives of the best people on earth: educators. Without edWeb, this magic wouldn’t have been possible, and we’re so grateful we’re able to keep in touch with the amazing educators whom we met that day. Thank you, edWeb and the edWeb community! We think you’re awesome and we love, love, LOVE working with you.

Corinne Viglietta, Associate Director of Education, Folger Shakespeare Library

The webinars we’ve worked on together have made a big impact on our business objectives, especially when we were trying to be supportive of our customer base with the move to remote learning last year! 

Texthelp Marketing Team

edWeb helps our marketing and sales from two angles. Our edWebinars help us get our content out and we get great, qualified leads for our sales team. It’s an incredible value for the amount of leads we get!

Josh Roberts, Marketing Program Manager, Events, Solution Tree

Our edWebinar was really an amazing experience to have those conversations with the attendees. We had so many important questions and discussions that I went through the whole chat log and made a Q&A follow up document with written responses + ideas from the attendees (credited).

Lindsey Tropf, M.Ed., Founder & CEO, Immersed Games

The edWebinar was such a meaningful learning experience. Even though it’s virtual, you have an experience of people enjoying themselves as if you’re in the same room. It’s awesome, and better than being in one of those rooms.

Mary Docken, Vice President, Outreach, Intellispark

We had about 50 new Facebook followers within an hour of the edWebinar, and more than 100 by the day after. I had several new followers on Twitter too.

Christine M. Snyder, Author of "Finding Your Way Through Conflict"

I think what sets your content apart is that it’s so actionable – it’s direct access, for educators, to not just experts, but tips and resources. And it’s succinct – educators have such limited time that they’re able to set aside an hour and focus on the resources and information in the recordings/presentations.

Laura Ascione, Managing Editor, Content Services, eSchool News and eCampus News

I’m still in awe of what a fantastic resource edWeb is, and also from the back end, how smooth the production and marketing is!

Tess Reiche, Growth Marketing, Writable

It was the most smooth and seamless webinar I’ve ever done.

Andrea Aust, Senior Manager, Science Education, KQED

This was one of the most seamless efforts I’ve been part of. Thank you all for the opportunity to share with your audience. If there’s ever anything we can assist with in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Ana-Le Cairns, Director, Brand Management, McGraw-Hill Education

It was an amazing experience, I loved it! I think it’s the active live chat feature that energizes you. Thanks for a great experience!

Christine Gonzalez, former educator and Customer Advocate, 3P Learning

The edWeb team rocks!! One of my clients did an amazing edWebinar with over 1,100 registrants and nearly 500 attending live (with more to watch on demand). We did a followup email blast to the 1,100 and had a 39% open rate and 15.5% click through rate!!! My formula is engaging, meaningful content via edWeb + great promotions of the event + immediate followup with strong call to action = $$$

Joyce Whitby, President, Innovations4Education

Thank you, as always, for your awesome support! You really are my favorite webinar company to work with — you make it so easy!!

Melanie Rogers, Training Team Lead, Rosetta Stone

edWeb has such an amazingly organized and supportive process to prepare for the webinars – our experiences with edWeb have been by far the most pleasant and easy to understand compared to other partners we’ve worked with.

Kylene Shen, VP of Marketing, Evidentally, Inc. Copy

Move over TED, our webinars are here! Thanks to a partnership with edWeb.Net and with professors and researchers across the educator community, VIPKid is able to support live and recorded professional development webinars. They are free for all educators and cover an array of teaching topics.

VIPKid Newsletter

Our webinars with edWeb yield more leads and a better ROI than any trade show we would ever invest in – and it’s so much easier with the edWeb team.

Siobhan Nordstrom, Community Manager, FreshGrade

That was an amazing experience. Of the 650 people who were on the Webinar, nearly 10% have gone to the website to sign up to join our pilot. The number is growing by the minute.

Daniel Fountenberry, Founder of CoTeacher

We are definitely sold on the value of these webinars for our clients and will be encouraging all of them to do them!

Emily Garner Sumner, CEO & Creative Director, Spyre

We were thrilled with the webinar and are so appreciative of everything your team provided in working with us. It was a real pleasure working with you.

Alex Dreier, Instructional Design Lead, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

The CoSN/edWeb superintendent webinar series allows us to leverage technology to engage in conversations each month with district leaders who are leading the way in meeting the learning needs of all students, and providing a valuable guide for others to follow.

Ann McMullan, Project Director, CoSN Empowered Superintendents Program

edWeb’s chat is the busiest chat I’ve ever seen. They are so engaged!

Melanie Rogers, Training Team Lead, Rosetta Stone

It’s especially gratifying that participants seem to have found the content of this session useful—and I look forward to working with you and the edWeb team to continue to deliver high-quality professional learning opportunities and to build our ‘Success in a Digital World’ online community membership in the future.

Jeff Meyer, Director of Education, Learning.com

We’re thrilled to partner with edWeb in an effort to reach more educators on such important assessment topics. Assessment for Learning provides an interactive opportunity for educators to learn from their industry-peers and have access to helpful content to assist with their day-to-day responsibilities and decision-making.

Bob Sanders, Vice President of Sales Operations and Business Development, Pearson

It’s been wonderful to hear from VIPKid teachers how teaching with us has helped hone their ESL skills in their classrooms too. We’re delighted to have an opportunity to share and promote stronger support for teaching language learners not just in North America, but globally through our partnership with edWeb.

Karen Raghavan, Head of Teacher Marketing and Business Development, VIPKid

Superintendents are responsible for ensuring that their school districts embrace transformative digital learning. CoSN is excited to partner with edWeb to provide a platform for current and aspiring superintendents and school leaders to come together as a learning community to share their stories and strategies for successfully leading school system technology initiatives.

Keith R. Krueger, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, CoSN,

We’ve found the audience to be highly engaged and think this platform is a great space to collaborate with the various sectors involved in edtech research.

Sierra Noakes, Research Associate, Digital Promise

We are thrilled to be the sponsor of the Technology in Schools community. With our edWeb community, we have an exciting opportunity to share our knowledge with educators and technology leaders and expand the conversations around the importance of access, analytics, and rostering, and the essentials for realizing the full potential of digital learning.

Jim McVety, VP of Strategic Partnerships, ClassLink

Learning Without Tears is excited to partner with edWeb to reach educators everywhere with creative classroom solutions, tips, and tools for kindergarten readiness instruction as well as handwriting and keyboarding instruction for transitional kindergarten through fifth grade. We’re thrilled to be a part of an online community that makes it simple for us to deliver our fun and engaging, multisensory strategies for Pre-K-5 educators so that they are positioned for success in their classrooms.

Jan Olsen, Founder and President, Learning Without Tears

Digital Promise is excited to support this network with edWeb. The community and the upcoming webinar will build on the existing foundation and provide support for conducting pilots and making evidence-based design, development, and implementation decisions.”

Karen Cator, President and CEO, Digital Promise

edWeb is a unique organization within our industry in that they are truly able to offer value to both sides of education: vendors and educators. The approach edWeb takes puts vendors in a position to showcase their thought leadership, share their knowledge and provide meaningful professional learning opportunities to educators and administrators alike. At the same time, educators and administrators have access to high-quality, ongoing professional development at no cost to them other than time. Now more than ever, it is important for vendors to change their approach to those they serve by going beyond being simple solution providers and becoming true partners in the teaching and learning process. The edWeb team provides that opportunity and so much more through their professional learning communities.

Jacob Hanson, Managing Partner, PR with Panache!

We have a unique opportunity to speak to–and listen to–the educators who are out there every day reaching and teaching students. Together we can build a caring community of teachers and learners.

Judy Galbraith, President and Founder, Free Spirit Publishing

Representation at this esteemed level by such renowned professionals is in keeping with our desire to continually offer relevant information related to library growth and transformation. This community that we are sponsoring provides us with the perfect channel to speak to educators who possess the same passion and focus.

Randal Heise, Co-Owner, Mackin

Other people say they’ll be there for you all the time, and they aren’t. edWeb actually is.

Linda Winter, President, Winter Group

edWeb is a vital networking tool for Girls Thinking Global. As founders of a start-up non-profit, it was important for us to find a reputable organization to help us share our mission and reach professionals in the world of education who share our passion for educating and empowering adolescent girls and young women around the world. In just a short time, edWeb has enabled us to reach over 1,000 people through our webinar series on leadership. We cannot say enough good things about the professionalism of Lisa Schmucki and her team. We look forward to continuing our relationship with edWeb and would highly recommend their services to anyone trying to connect with professionals in the world of education.

Kathy Hurley and Deb deVries, founders, Girls Thinking Global

edWeb has substantially raised our visibility with new audiences. Through our community features and webinars, we are able to promote thought leadership, professional learning, and audience participation around our mission. The monthly webinars have been phenomenal. They have helped us consistently reach large and international audiences, and have taken the burden off of of us to coordinate, manage, and promote webinars. I highly recommend edWeb’s professional learning community services.

Kelly Mendoza, Sr. Manager of Professional Development, Common Sense Education

You are a rockstar! Thank you so much for your guidance and patience with us. It was truly a joy getting to work with you and then presenting as a part of edWeb. I love how the video is ready so quickly. A colleague already watched it last night and shared it, encouraging others to watch. That is a quick turnaround time. The reach edWeb is commendable!

Christine Lawlor-King, Former Teacher, Current Invention Education Consultant, STEMisED

As presenters, our authors appreciate the quality feedback they receive from edWebinars. Seeing the engaged live chat informs our work and research.

Stephanie Roselli, Executive Editor, Gryphon House

edWeb sets the benchmark for what professional development should be in education. They take the most important issues head on, recruiting engaging experts to provide educators with the insight and support they need. Additionally, working with their staff members is an absolute joy. They are well organized, creative, insightful, and just flat out fun to be around!

Christopher Jenson, M.D., Senior Health Advisor, Educator, Public Speaker, and Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author on School Mental Health

As someone who has greatly benefited from the resources and community offered by edWeb, I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute. edWeb has been an invaluable part of my learning journey, providing me with access to the latest research, tools, and strategies to support student learning.

Dr. Charlene Evans-Smith, Managing Director of Early Literacy, Instruction Partners

edWeb as a concept is brilliant! It’s a win/win for companies and participants.

Donna Hejtmanek, Reading Advocate and Founder of Science of Reading-What I Should Have Learned in College Facebook Group

So thankful for such a wonderful platform (edWeb) run by a wonderful team (y’all) that allows presenters of [Mary Jo Huff’s] caliber to share their information with the world! ALWAYS enjoy my time with all of you!

Stephen Fite, Children’s Artist and President, Melody House Inc.

I discovered edWeb when I was a classroom teacher running a program for preschoolers with autism. I was fresh out of graduate school and knew I had a lot more to learn! I have always valued professional development as a cornerstone to being an effective teacher, so I was so excited when I discovered edWeb and the Teaching Students with Autism community. I was thrilled at the chance to learn in short bursts on my own time (the option to watch recordings was especially helpful) while gaining CEUs – and all for free!

I continued accessing edWeb until transitioning from the classroom to my current role at STAR Autism Support (SAS), who also happens to be one of the consortium members of the Teaching Students with Autism community. My interest in receiving professional development sparked my passion for providing it to others, which is one of the reasons I was honored to join the SAS team as a training specialist. After presenting the “Lessons Learned” training for edWeb, I feel like I have come full circle – from receiving training as a newbie to providing training to educators around the globe! Such a rewarding experience.

Alicia Balfrey, Autism Training Specialist, STAR Autism Support

Working with edWeb was simply smooth, meaningful, and wonderful. The team expertly and patiently guided us through the technology and marketing, and every interaction with them was joyful and productive. What was most powerful, though, was the edWebinar itself, which gathered hundreds of curious and committed teachers from all over the country. Our Folger PD is always highly interactive and learner-centered, and even though we couldn’t see or hear our colleagues, we all found creative ways to immerse everyone in experiential learning and to listen to the perspectives of the best people on earth: educators. Without edWeb, this magic wouldn’t have been possible, and we’re so grateful we’re able to keep in touch with the amazing educators whom we met that day. Thank you, edWeb and the edWeb community! We think you’re awesome and we love, love, LOVE working with you.

Corinne Viglietta, Associate Director of Education, Folger Shakespeare Library

The whole preparation process for your guests that the team does is some of the best I’ve seen. Your online moderation keeps things moving and is chock full of resources. No wonder people keep coming back for more! Great content and structure. Kudos for top notch organization.

Diane Doersch, Technical Project Director, Digital Promise

The edWeb team is so professional and easy to work with. Plus, it’s all about numbers – and you have attracted thousands to my sessions!

Dr. Michael A. DiSpezio, Science Author and Educator

You have built a fantastic platform to showcase best practices in education. Grateful for the chance to have been a part of it.

Todd Rogers, Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University

I really enjoyed the webinar yesterday. Most fun I’ve had with one of these. You guys do a great job. Let me know If I can ever be of help.

Dr. Sandy Addis, Chairman, National Dropout Prevention Center

The edWeb team is the best. I felt so supported doing this scary tech thing by myself.

Lili Levinowitz, Director of Research, Music Together Worldwide, and Professor Emeritus, Rowan University

I love being in the presence of such greatness.  You all were awesome and I appreciate your support in getting this together.  This guide is all new… this webinar just became a timely asset… I am excited to see how schools/districts use it.

Merve Lapus, Vice President, Outreach & Community Partnerships, Common Sense Education

I wanted to take a moment and thank you ….We were so excited to share our work with the field and your team allowed us to do that, and more!

Jay Johnson, Education Program Specialist, Arizona Department of Education

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had an amazing time this afternoon So happy to be part of this edWebinar series- you all were a joy to work with! Hopefully our paths will cross in the future.

Holly Esquia Gerlach, Educational Content Manager, LEGO Education

Thanks, everyone! I totally enjoyed the conversation!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!

Dr. David Schuler, Superintendent, Township High School District 214, IL, Chair, CoSN Superintendents Advisory Panel, AASA 2018 Superintendent of the Year

I love this report and loved sharing it today on this edWeb webinar!… I also love the entire edWeb gang!!!

Dr. Julie Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Project Tomorrow

The best way for me to learn how to do something is to make a webinar about it.

Michelle Luhtala, Library Department Chair, New Canaan High School, CT

WOW! WOW! WOW! Thanks to ALL! It was an honor and privilege to serve amongst such passionate leaders DOING THE WORK!!! Truly a transformative moment that WILL shift many and all connected to them. Our children…Our Future…Our Legacies deserve THE BEST!

Dr. Johni Cruse Craig, Project Director, Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign (DTEC) & Teachers Advocating to lead great Change (TAG)

Thank you all for such a wonderful experience. It’s a pleasure working with smart and accomplished women who love what they do. I’m grateful to have been asked to share my knowledge with your audience.

Dr. Yalda Uhls, Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Scholars and Storytellers

I LOVE edWeb webinars for countless reasons. The fact that you send the webinar link to every registered guest (for free!) sets you apart from other webinar facilitators. You spotlight exemplary educators working in the field, day-to-day, and their expertise is powerful!

Tamara Letter, M.Ed., Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Hanover County Public Schools, VA

I just wanted to say thank you for each and every one of you who made the webinar happen. You were all incredible and made this an amazing experience for me. Thank you again and I truly look forward to working with each of you again very soon.

Evan Abramson, Director of Technology, Millburn Township Public Schools, NJ

Just wanted to say thank you for hosting such a great webinar. It was a “fun” topic for me to tackle in an hour and as always, I loved every minute of working with all of you. Such a class act in every way! Thank you.

Rachel Wagner, National Trainer and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist, Devereux Center for Resilient Children

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