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Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 1.41.43 PMWhat’s the best way to get teachers trained and confident in using technology? Garnet Valley School District in Pennsylvania has developed a Technology Academy for teachers, with the goals of infusing more technology into the curriculum and giving teachers access to the most innovative technologies for use in the classroom.  In the December webinar for the Digital Decisions for Collaborative Learning community, Paul Sanfrancesco, Director of Technology at Garnet Valley, shared how this Tech Academy worked—what participants learned, what technology tools they used, and the kind of professional development credit they receive upon completion.  Paul also gave insight into how districts can construct their own technology training programs. Paul shared ideas for integrating technology tools such as iPads, chrome books, tablets, Google drive, student response systems, smart boards, blogs, laptops, and use of video conferencing equipment into the curriculum.  He suggested partnering with a local university to gain the ability to provide graduate credits.  In an effort to save schools money on this program, he recommended using teachers as technology coaches to train other teachers on aligning technology with curriculum.  Additionally, Kevin Windsor, one of the coaches chosen for the first year of the Academy, provided attendees with a teacher perspective.

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