edWeb PD Guide: New Models for Personalized Professional Learning

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edWeb.net is an award-winning professional learning network that helps engaged and innovative educators share their best ideas and practices — anytime, anywhere — with educators around the country and the world.

In April 2021, edWeb.net released its 2021 Professional Learning Survey at a time when supporting educators with current and effective professional learning has never been more important with the COVID-19 pandemic. Educators had to pivot instantly to remote learning and make unprecedented changes in the delivery of instruction and support for students and families.

edWeb has provided preK-12 educators with free online professional learning communities, edWebinars, and CE certificates for over 10 years and was on hand when schools switched to remote learning in the spring of 2020. 

edWeb has realized personalized professional learning at scale. edWeb is a community of over 1 million educators from preK through higher education who are committed to lifelong learning for themselves and to help their students learn more, achieve more, be more creative, and be better prepared for life. We are able to provide these professional learning programs for free thanks to our sponsors and partners.

edWeb has accumulated a body of research and practice to help educators get the most value from our free professional networking platform and our award-winning edWebinar programs. We hope this guide gives you inspiration and ideas to expand the ways you can offer personalized professional learning for educators, and make the learning more relevant, more immediate, and more fun.

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