edWeb Best Practices 2022: Virtual Professional Learning

edWeb.net is an award-winning professional learning network that helps engaged and innovative educators share their best ideas and practices — anytime, anywhere — with educators around the country and the world. edWeb makes it possible for educators to participate in online professional learning communities that are more open and inclusive, immediate and relevant, engaging and fun.

It’s been said that virtual professional learning is one of the wins from the pandemic. Virtual professional learning has the ability to be more effective, engaging, and enjoyable. It is critically important that we share peer-to-peer learning and experiences that can move us towards an education system that works for all students. 

In this new Guide for Best Practices in Virtual Professional Learning, we’ve outlined 3Cs of Professional Learning – communication, content, and customization – that are the overarching themes for best practices and 9 Professional Learning Practices within those themes. We’ve shown how these practices are aligned to activities you can do, all for free, with edWeb.

edWeb has grown to a global community of over 1 million educators. Joining the edWeb community, attending our highly-rated edWebinars, and engaging in our online chats, puts you in touch with a community of leading educators all around the country and the world. Each year we conduct a Teacher Professional Learning Survey that informs the work that we do. This guide includes the results of our 2022 survey with 5 years of data showing the sustained value and benefits of virtual professional learning.

We hope that this guide will help educators and administrators learn from our experience and use edWeb as a hub and resource for their individual professional learning communities. edWeb is free for all educators and educational institutions.

Download edWeb Best Practices for Virtual Professional Learning

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