The ABCs for Writing a Good Thesis Statement


imagesThe quality of a thesis statement determines the quality of an essay.  A powerful, or at least clear, thesis statement makes for a powerful, or at least clear, essay.  In the LMC @ The Forefront community’ latest webinar, Joyce Armstrong Carroll of Abydos Learning International, presented research-based criteria for writing a sound thesis. Joyce spoke from experience after having just completed several months of consulting on “Writing a Good Thesis Statement,” and she shared great information on thesis writing. She covered practical application and kid-friendly strategies to get students thinking and writing apt and clear thesis statements. The strategies ensure that students understand the concept because they can relate to the examples given.  A kid-friendly term for the word “thesis” was also introduced in an attempt to make it more concrete for students.  These strategies were easy-to-implement when attempting to help students write a sound thesis.

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