Emergent Bilingual Education Week 2023

Emergent Bilingual Education Week 2023
Emergent Bilingual Education Week 2023

Emergent Bilingual Week: A New Era in Multilingualism

Monday – Friday | October 23-27, 2023 | 12-1pm Eastern Time

Let’s celebrate our emergent bilingual, multilingual, and English language learner (ELL) students’ superpowers! School and district leaders, teachers and educators of all types—here is your opportunity to learn from the best and brightest leaders in the field and walk away inspired to realize equitable solutions for your students. Our goal is to help all students read, write and speak with confidence.

Meet our all-star lineup of panelists!

Keynote Presenter: Denise Soler Cox. Panelists: Dr. Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan, Denise Soler Cox, Dr. Linda Cavazos, Martha Hernandez, Dr. Gigi Luk, Dr. Young-Suk Kim, Tan Huynh, Beth Skelton, Andrea Bitner, Dr. Lizzy Cashiola

Meet your guides for the week!

Moderator Cassandra Wheeler and panel facilitators Dr. José Viana, Breanna Guzman, and Dr. Raj Chattergoon

How Diverse Language Experiences Shape Learning: The Cognitive Outcomes of Bilingualism and Literacy Development

Monday, Oct. 23rd

Panelists: Dr. Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan, Dr. Young-Suk Kim, Dr. Gigi Luk
Facilitator: Dr. Raj Chattergoon


Supporting Diverse Multilingual Learners: An Asset-Based Approach

Tuesday, Oct. 24th

Panelists: Dr. José Viana, Dr. Lizzy Cashiola, Andrea Bitner
Facilitator: Breanna Guzman



Cultivating Belonging for Multilingual Learners with Denise Soler Cox

Wednesday, Oct. 25th

View the new documentary by keynote speaker Denise Soler Cox, award-winning activist, filmmaker, podcaster, speaker, and author: Being Eñye.

The recording for this edWebinar is not available to view on-demand.

Measuring Success: Defining Quality Education for Multilingual Students

Thursday, Oct. 26th

Panelists: Dr. José Viana, Dr. Linda Cavazos, Martha Hernandez
Facilitator: Breanna Guzman


What’s Unique About Teaching Reading to Multilingual Learners?

Friday, Oct. 27th

Panelists: Tan Huynh, Beth Skelton, Breanna Guzman
Facilitator: Dr. José Viana


One Week. A Lifetime of Support.

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