How Video Empowers Education: Uses, Best Practices, and Practical How-To’s


Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.17.09 PMIn the first webinar for the How Video Empowers Education communty, presenter Clayton Bosquez, VP Product Development for Eduvision, shared many ways to use video to enhance teacher and student engagement, significantly improve learning outcomes, enable 24/7 professional development, and engage and involve parents and the community.  Attendees learned how to achieve these key results while protecting student privacy (a huge upcoming issue), sharing/re-using/securing curriculum content, integrating with LMS and SMS systems, and spending minimal time on video administration.  View the webinar to learn how you can use video in the classroom to flip learning and enrich content.

Join the How Video Empowers Education community on and take a quiz to receive a CE Certificate for viewing this webinar. Past webinars and CE quizzes are available in the Resource Library under Web 2.0 Tools.

How Video Empowers Education is a professional learning community (PLC) that helps educators use video to enhance engagement and learning outcomes.  The community provides a combination of how to, best practices, tools, and great ideas for how to use video effectively in the classroom and for events.  This program is co-hosted by andEduvision.

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