Beyond the Basics: Taking Visual Schedules to the Next Level


autism1edWeb’s Teaching Students with Autism community held its May webinar on creating and implementing visual schedules and the benefits they provide for children with autism. Webinar presenters, Mandi Rickelman, MA (Supervisor, Monarch Center for Autism Preschool) and Anna Hutt Fredman, MS, CCC-SLP (Speech/Language Pathologist, Monarch Preschool) showed attendees how visual schedules can transform lives by organizing a child’s day, preparing him or her for everyday and unexpected routines, decreasing anxiety and challenging behaviors, and enhancing interactions and experiences.  Some of the topics the covered in the webinar included:

  • Why are visual schedules so critical? Why should you never leave home without them?
  • What are various types of visual schedules? (including hard copy and electronic)
  • Which type of visual representations (e.g., photos, picture symbols, line drawings, text) are most effective for your child?
  • Which technology/software can assist you in creating visual schedules?
  • What is the most effective way to introduce and use a visual schedule with your child?
  • What benefits will your child and your family derive from consistent use of visual schedule?
  • What are some critical elements for taking schedules to the next level, beyond the basics?

Webinar attendees were also shown case examples and given best practices and sample visual schedules!

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