Teach Math With the Wii: Engage Your K-7 Students through Gaming Technology


Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 3.52.04 PMIn the edWeb.net Game-Based Learning community’s January webinar, Matthew Winner, a teacher librarian in Maryland, showed attendees how the Nintendo Wii can be used as an instructional tool in the K-7 math classroom.  The Nintendo Wii is the most prevalent gaming console in history, with more than 100 million consoles sold worldwide, and hundreds and thousands of hours in Wii gameplay. What does this mean for education? All of that gaming experience can translate to meaningful connections to content in the math classroom – with the help of a good teacher. Elapsed time. Geometric shapes. Identifying factors. Determining equivalent fractions. When playing games, meaningful data is created. We can use this data to engage learners, and create something wonderful as students begin to succeed.  Matthew explored how to help our students think more like mathematicians when playing video games. He shared examples from the new book, Teach Math with the Wii, that he co-authored. He shared ideas for lesson plans that engage even the most shy learner.

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