Using Games to Teach Global Interconnectedness


interconnectednessIn this webinar for the Game-Based Learning community on, Matthew Farber, educator and author of “Gamify Your Classroom: A Field Guide to Game-Based Learning,” reviewed how games, like SimCityEDU, Plague, Inc., Pandemic: The Board Game, and others, can teach interconnectedness. He showed how he created a project-based learning unit about the Columbian Exchange (the intentional and unintentional trading between Meso-Americans and European explorers) in his social studies classroom. He shared how his students designed a trading card game of ancient cultures, played SimCityEDU to balance a virtual city’s systems, and then played Pandemic, a cooperative board game about global disease outbreaks. Connections were made from small pox in the 1600’s to Ebola today. View the webinar to learn how to use games with your own students to teach global interconnectedness. This presentation was cross-curricular, and contained many useful takeaways and strategies for middle and high school teachers.

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