Using Games to Redefine the Learning Experience


playmobil-511090_640Strengthening student engagement starts with creating a learning environment that’s fun, collaborative, and completely immersive. In the same way that music lovers attend concerts for an experience beyond listening to their favorite songs, it’s imperative that classrooms offer an interactive learning experience that the Internet cannot. In this webinar hosted by Classcraft through the Game-Based Learning community, Classcraft CEO Shawn Young explored the building blocks of good games and how to use them in the classroom, how to use video games to drive external and internal motivation, and how to transform classroom management and the class experience into a game.

Using the same mechanics that make video games so compelling, you can transform your classroom so that students have a great time, help each other thrive, and keep coming back for more! Classcraft is a free online platform that turns any classroom into a giant role-playing game played through the school year. In his presentation, Shawn also defined what makes a good video game, how those concepts went into Classcraft’s design, and how the Classcraft platform has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.

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