Making Schools a Game Worth Playing: Digital Games in the Classroom


digital learningMost of us have seen the excitement and extreme task commitment involved with playing a digital game. A vast majority of the globalized world plays video games as a pastime or hobby. If teachers could harness the excitement of playing digital games and bring that sense of excitement to the classroom, then students would truly experience hands-on, brains-on learning simply by using the digital media that is already part of their daily lives outside of school. Based on the book Making School a Game Worth Playing: Digital Games in the Classroom, this interactive edWeb webinar, hosted by the Game-Based Learning community, helped teachers and curriculum specialists to find and critique digital games to determine which might be used for classroom instruction.

Presenter Ryan Schaaf, Assistant Professor of Technology at Notre Dame of Maryland University, discussed integrating a wide range of digital games that utilize the Common Core and other standards into the curriculum. He also explored the instructional strategies essential to making a digital game-based learning experience a success for students. Meaningful assessment processes such as product and process rubrics, as well as self and/or peer evaluation practices for digital game-based learning experiences, were determined.

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