The Game-Based Curriculum: Directing Learning with Quests, Badges, Achievements, & Truly Personalized Learning

This month’s Game Based Learning webinar was both informative and entertaining.  Educators, Professionals, and in an edWeb first -Students, tuned in to hear the very lively Chris Haskell talk about his work over the past two years on the principles of quest-based learning.  In his very spirited presentation Chris discussed key design elements of quest-based learning, such as points, badges, achievements, leveling, and student choice, and still had time to make the audience literally laugh out loud.  Watch the recording to learn how quest-based learning can deliver personalized learning with student success and satisfaction, and why the audience was laughing so hard.

Quotes from the session:

“Kids had to leave but they loved you Chris!  However –they are ready to school you  on a few points!  AND WE ARE MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!”

“One of the best presentations I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching”

“Most.entertaining.edWebinar.EVER! (and plenty thought-provoking too!)”

“Thank you! Looking forward to implementing this in the art classroom. No better way!”


Click to view the webinar “The Game-Based Curriculum: Directing Learning with Quests, Badges, Achievements, & Truly Personalized Learning”

Co-hosted by and the Education Division of Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)

Sponsored by BrainPOP and Wowzers

Presented by Chris Haskell, Ed. D, Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of Educational Technology, Boise State University

Chris Haskell serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University. He specializes in instructing pre-service teachers in methods and applications of technology integration in the classroom.  In addition to instilling fundamental skills, Chris focuses on the use, adaptation, and implementation of emerging technologies in teacher education including gaming, virtual worlds, mobile communication devices, social networking tools.

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