Precision Reading with Vocabulary Investigation


read-316507_640With the release of the “Common Core” standards, the phrase “Close Reading” became a buzz overnight.  In many classrooms, the idea of “Close Reading” resulted in kids failing at tortuous lesson, and teachers drowning in pre-planning with very little student results.  In this session, presenter Kevin Baird discussed highest impact strategies for implementing College & Career Ready standards by looking again at the concept of Precision and Precision Reading.  The standards do not require re-reading passages until we are sick of them.  The language of the standards, and the expectations of the new assessment items, relate to students reading with precision, with the ability to infer more deeply by careful attention to details and examples.  Precision Reading as a classroom approach integrates and supports student independence as well as vocabulary investigation.   Grouping students, reading and discussion prompts, and student independence were key elements of the discussion.

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