Difficulty and Complexity in the Classroom – Doing Both and Saving Time


CCSSThe challenge of meeting the requirements of increased rigor and depth can be impossible if we don’t create strategies to save time.  How can we combine projects, practice, and prompts to achieve difficulty and complexity requirements simultaneously?  College & Career Readiness Standards support integration because of their structure and their progression.  In this webinar for the edWeb.net Implementing the Common Core State Standards community, presenter Kevin Baird, identified the key standards for priority focus and direct instruction investigation, balancing rigorous difficulty and deeper cognitive complexity.  Attendees learned how to save time by focusing curriculum and instruction on the most critical, impactful areas for students.  Newly released assessment items also help focus on key strategies for implementing the standards.

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Implementing the Common Core State Standards is a professional learning community where educators can develop a better understanding of the Common Core State Standards and how to implement them in their schools and classrooms.  This is an online collaborative community where educators can receive valuable information and guidance and also come together to discuss guidelines and current practices.  This program is sponsored by Follett.

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