Exploring Depth of Knowledge Three – The “Sweet Spot” for Common Core and Next Generation English Language Arts


Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 5.36.34 PMThe largest, most difficult, and most impactful “shift” in Common Core and other “Next Generation” learning standards is the recognition that students must be able to perform at a deeper level of cognition – literally, “depth of knowledge”.  In mathematics, the majority (~80%) of Common Core and similar standards in mathematics establish “Depth of Knowledge 2:  Skills & Concepts” as the most common level of student performance.  In this month’s edWeb.net Implementing the Common Core State Standards community’s webinar, presenter Kevin Baird shares how in English Language Arts, “Depth of Knowledge 3: Strategic Thinking & Reasoning” is the most common level of student performance.  Watch the February webinar, to take the journey to achieving Depth of Knowledge Two. In both webinars, participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of what “Depth of Knowledge” means and looks like, as well as specific strategies to meet the level of cognitive demand required by next generation and Common Core learning Standards. Pragmatic, real-world, achievable strategies are presented, for immediate use by educators.  Join us to dive deeper into thinking and cognitive demand, and identify resources to put your students – and teachers – on a pathway for success.

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