Giving Stations the Flip in Your Early Learning Classroom


prek3flipYou’ve heard of the flipped classroom. You’re an expert at using stations in your classroom. Now it’s time to give those stations a flip. Learn how you can quickly create flipped stations for your classroom!  edWeb’s PreK-3 Digital Learning community hosted a webinar this month teaching educators the basics of flipping their classroom stations.  The webinar was presented by three awesome specialists and educators, including two classroom teachers who are applying the theory and succeeding in flipping early learning instruction in the classroom: Stacy Hawthorne, Strategist for the Evergreen Education Group and President- elect of ISTE SIGAdmin;  Chelsey Eminger, Instructional/ Technology Coach at Mentor Public Schools; and Jolene Speckman, 2nd grade teacher in the Medina City School District.  The presenters explained some of the benefits to flipped stations, including that when the students get to a station, they will hear and see your instructions.  This allows the students to repeat or speed through directions as needed and also frees you to work with small groups or individual students. It’s the perfect mix of flipped instruction and stations!  Watch the webinar to learn how you can do it too!

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