Early Learning Educators Lead the Way with Professional Learning Webinars

Chaos to Calm webinar


The 2016 results are in. Who is participating the most in professional learning webinars? Early childhood educators!

edWeb.net just completed an analysis of the 2016 webinar viewership stats for 2016. We hosted 260 professional learning webinars in 2016 that were viewed by 165,000 educators – an average of 635 educators per webinar. Thirty eight webinars (15%) were on early learning topics and had 45,000 (27%) of the viewers. Early learning webinars had an average of 1,160 viewers, almost twice the average of all webinars.

14 of the top 25 webinars of the year were on early learning topics, presented by some of the most expert and engaging early childhood educators:

Lisa Schmucki, founder of edWeb.net commented, “We began launching professional learning communities for early learning educators just three years ago, and we’ve been stunned by how enthusiastic these educators are to participate in online professional learning. We’ve been so fortunate to work with sponsoring companies who’ve helped ensure that these are very valuable and collaborative experiences, including Frog Street Press, Gryphon House, Music Together, and Kaplan Early Learning.”

Educators are so appreciative of the opportunity to engage in free professional learning with their peers. Comments like, “O-M-G. I can’t thank you enough. We need this,” are expressed by the hundreds of educators who join in our early learning webinars each week.

Educators earn a CE certificate for attending a live webinar or viewing the recording on demand. They can participate anytime, anywhere which makes it convenient, and edWeb programs are all free thanks to the support of sponsors.

As we look ahead to 2017, and what we can do to help educators help their students, especially the youngest, it is so inspiring to know that these programs provide a free professional learning opportunity to make a bigger impact in students’ early education.

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