Beyond Devices: Barriers to Digital Equity in our K12 Schools


handsets-312618_1280As 1:1 and BYOD programs are becoming more mainstream, equity issues beyond access to devices are arising in schools. In this special event presented by CoSN in the Mobile Learning Explorations community, the presenters explored the various types of digital inequities and how to address them. Marie Bjerede, CoSN’s Project Director for the Leadership for Mobile Learning initiative, began the session by framing the digital equity issue and sharing CoSN’s mobile learning resources. She was joined by Michelle Bourgeois and Dr. Michael Mills, who discussed the different types of digital inequity.  Michelle and Michael talked about inequities caused by different access to the Internet, one of the most long-standing equity issues
. They shared some of the shifts in the kind of teaching and learning that takes place when students have a personal device with 24/7 access to the Internet Vs. when those devices are shared and/or Internet access is limited
.  Additionally, inequities from classroom to classroom that result from cultural, economic, and language differences
 were discussed.  Many barriers to effective equity in the classroom that exist in today’s schools were explored and then mitigation strategies that are being employed in leading districts to minimize digital disparities were provided. View the webinar to learn more about digital inequities and strategies for addressing them.

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