Dynamic Databases: Revolutionizing Today’s Research, Teaching, and Learning


library-488671_640Today’s databases are no longer just for research. They turn students from passive to active learners, and provide educators with the variety of resources necessary to facilitate learning anytime, anywhere, in any way. In this webinar, Joyce Valenza, Director of the MLIS Program at Rutgers University, and Brenda Boyer, High school librarian and Chair of Information & Technology Resources for the Kutztown School District, shared proven strategies for integrating databases into 1:1, BYO, flipped, blended, and embedded learning environments. Topics included: • How do we ensure databases are in our students’ pockets? • How can we ensure our ROI and make our databases more discoverable? • What types of learning activities can we facilitate using database resources? • How can we effectively leverage databases to support standards-based learning? • How do databases meet and support the learning needs of all learners? • How can databases bridge the gap between the library, the classroom, and home? Joyce and Brenda provided practical strategies, models, lessons, and methods ready for immediate implementation. View this webinar, presented by the LMC @ The Forefront community on edWeb.net, to learn how to revolutionize research, teaching, and learning with databases.

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