Improving Family & Community Engagement: Lessons Learned from a First-Year Superintendent


cheering-297419_1280Paul Ryan, Superintendent of Three Way ISD (TX), joined the district in 2013. He was faced with challenges such as Average Daily Attendance level that was putting the district in danger of losing state funding, a perception from nearby communities that the district was dying, and the loss of students because parents were told the district was cutting sports.  In this webinar for the Parent Involvement and Community Engagement community, Paul shared the details of these challenges, the plans he put in place to address them, and the goals he had for the 2013/14 school year for improving family and community engagement in his district. After his first year as Superintendent, Paul shared some exciting results about student enrollment, increases in student achievement, extracurricular programs implemented, and how they share the good news across the district. He also shared tips on how to use district, school, and teacher websites to improve student learning and increase community involvement. View the webinar to learn how to improve family and community engagement at your district.

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