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Building Leader Capability and Capacity in Workforce Strategy: Addressing Attraction, Retention, and Educator Wellbeing

Wednesday, December 13, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

Teachers having a conversation

Presented by Dr. Baron R. Davis, Superintendent in Residence, PeopleBench; Dr. Tanya Wilson-Thevanesan, Deputy Superintendent, Fairport Central School District (NY); Chace Ramey, Deputy Superintendent, Iowa City Community School District (IA); and Fleur Johnston, CEO and Founder, PeopleBench

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When 80% of the cost of running schools is their adult workforce, how is your district planning for the success, engagement, and retention of these amazing humans? In this edLeader Panel, viewers learn about:

  • Trends affecting the global school workforce landscape
  • School workforce metrics that matter—exploring factors like diversity, flexibility, turnover, resilience, and culture
  • The role of workforce strategy in school improvement
  • Managing workforce risk and creating opportunities to improve employee experience and impact
  • Democratizing and scaling workforce strategy capability and capacity

Learn about PeopleBench’s cost-effective solution for building workforce strategy capability and effectiveness across districts and their schools. You hear from workforce strategists, superintendents, and district HR leaders about how PeopleBench is making a difference in these problems of practice and creating opportunities for impact.

This recorded edLeader Panel is of interest to K-12 school and district leaders.

Baron Davis

About the Presenters

Dr. Baron R. Davis is the former Superintendent of Richland School District Two in Columbia, SC, where he served as the first Black superintendent in the district’s 90-plus-year history. Dr. Davis’s groundbreaking career in education has seen advances in education outcomes and equity—driven by his focus on collective vision, organizational effectiveness, talent development, and community and partner engagement. In his role as PeopleBench Superintendent-in-Residence, Dr. Davis brings over two decades of experience in creating comprehensive, high-achieving, and inclusive K-12 education ecosystems.

Tanya Wilson-Thevanesan

Dr. Tanya Wilson-Thevanesan is the Deputy Superintendent for School Improvement and Community Engagement in Fairport Central School District. As an equity-driven leader, Dr. Wilson-Thevanesan amplifies student voice and works to eliminate barriers and disparities impacting access. She is passionate about women in leadership and is committed to sponsoring and promoting women as cabinet members and superintendents. She leads professional development across the region in culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogy and serves as a panelist and speaker on closing access gaps for women in educational leadership.

Chace Ramey

R Chace Ramey currently serves as Deputy Superintendent for the Iowa City Community School District in Iowa City, a role he has held since 2018. Chace has also served as Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources for Fairfax County Public Schools and Chief of Staff in Kansas City Public Schools. Having served in a variety of education settings, his rich experience in education leadership is anchored to human capital strategy and development, as well as leadership in implementing and sustaining districtwide systematic change. With a view that balances system needs with the impact on the individual experience, Chace presents regionally and nationally on how the employee experience can improve the student experience and outcomes.

Fleur Johnston

PeopleBench CEO and Founder Fleur Johnston has more than 20 years’ experience in workforce and digital transformation. Driven to create change for good, Fleur founded PeopleBench with the aim of empowering school leaders to build amazing school workforces to achieve the best possible outcomes for students. Fleur is passionate about helping the education sector evolve based on the changing landscape of work, the effects of technology, and a global shift in expectations. Fleur believes that people must be at the heart of the future of education and that workforce strategy—underpinned by research, data, and metrics—will play a role in the path to better student, and therefore social and economic, outcomes globally.

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People Bench

PeopleBench is on a mission to make schools amazing places to work so they can be amazing places to learn. Our online platform provides school and district leaders with the tools to take an evidence-informed approach to workforce strategy in order to maximize their impact on student outcomes.


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