Science, You and Young Children: Tips from Research to Guide Your Teaching


Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.50.26 PMDoes science have to be messy? What can young children understand about science?

Preschool teacher and author Peggy Ashbrook discussed her thinking about these questions and more in this webinar on best practices in early childhood science. Early childhood educators from preschools, family home child care, as well as professors, preservice, university lab school teachers, and others who want to reflect on their science teaching practice, will benefit.  We attained understanding by exploring issues such as:

  • Are all science topics appropriate?
  • Where can I find real science activities that are developmentally appropriate for young children?

You can get briefed ahead of time by reading the National Science Teachers Association Early Childhood Science Education position statement.

Peggy Ashbrook took questions from participants submitted throughout this webinar. Peggy’s interactive session presented by the Classroom Management community connected viewers with science resources and the greater early childhood science education community.

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