The Teachers’ Lounge: Engaging and Training Your Teacher Community


Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 12.28.22 PMIn 2013, Panama-Buena Vista Unified School District’s new superintendent made a bold declaration: “We’re going 1-to-1. And we’re going big with 6,000 laptops to be distributed to students.” Once the laptops were purchased and infrastructure was in place, it was evident that there was a training gap to fill for their teacher community. With 23 schools, 18,000 students, 900 teachers, and only three support staff – how would the Educational Technology team ensure training and support was meeting their teacher community’s needs? In this webinar for the Family Engagement & Community Outreach community, Brad Grumbles, Coordinator of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instructional Technology and Steve Johnson, Technology Specialist shared cost-effective solutions for engaging and training their teacher community. Brad and Steve shared how they consistently and uniformly trained 900 teachers across 23 schools; saved $8,000 in printing costs; eliminated printing, packaging, and distributing of costly 3-ring curriculum binders; and became a resource for an external community of surrounding districts and the county Office of Education. View the webinar to learn how you can effectively and affordably engage and train your own teacher community.

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