5 Steps to Increase Enrollment at Your District


team-386673_640Did you know one million students are on a waiting list to attend a charter school? Did you know the number of full-time students registered in online education is four times what it was a decade ago? Did you know ten percent of U.S. students attend a private school? You have competition! In this webinar for edWeb.net’s Family Engagement and Community Outreach, Marc Rubner, Vice President of Marketing at Schoolwires, provided five key tactics for competing in the K-12 market: 1) Positioning – position your district as the best choice for education in your community, 2) Targeting – segment and target community members to optimize the value they associate with your district, 3) Messaging – message and communicate directly with your community, 4) Engaging – promote interactive engagement by communicating with your community on their terms, and 5) Improving – constantly improve your ability to compete by testing, measuring, and adjusting your positioning and messaging. Tips and real-world examples were provided to help your K-12 district increase enrollment.

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