Building a Youth Beekeeping Program


beekeeper-215185_1280Many students are fascinated by insects in the school garden. Given the opportunity, many are also fascinated by that iconic pollinator: the honeybee. Bees themselves are a living example of cooperation, hard work, and symbiosis. Beekeeping helps students learn about everything from biology to small business skills. In this webinar, presented by the Growing School Gardens community on, Community GroundWorks’ Jennica Skoug introduced the benefits of adding a beehive to your school garden, and answered questions about logistical challenges. Specific topics included:

  • Background of the Goodman Youth Farm program
  • How beehives benefit students
  • Safety around the hive
  • Initial costs
  • Facilitating hive management and upkeep
  • Keeping students involved
  • Using bee products to sustain a bee program

At the Goodman Youth Farm of Community GroundWorks, many students name the bees as their favorite part of the farm. Other children have overcome fear, found their inner calm, and become teachers to their peers after learning about the bees. View the webinar to hear about positive opportunities for students around beekeeping and learn how you can add this activity to your school!

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