Tech Projects That Support Big Ideas


InnovationThis month,’s EdTech Innovators community held a webinar on using technology to engage students.  Webinar presenter, Jennifer Anderson, is an iPad U Teacher at Heritage E-STEM Magnet School in West Saint Paul, MN, where she helps her students use iPads to connect not only to educational resources, but also to the wider world.

In this webinar, she discussed one of the main ways to engage students in class projects: let them pick a topic they’re passionate about!  Jennifer shared a wide range of her classroom’s tech projects, including Skyping with schools in Brazil, using VoiceThread to encourage students at neighboring schools to read, and helping her students create iBooks—all with the goal of taking the students’ own ideas and turning them into projects that give them the widest possible perspective on the world outside the classroom.

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EdTech Innovators presents a series of webinars with educators who are exceptional in their use of technology to support teaching and learning. The presenters have been selected by the editors of THE Journal as part of their Innovator of the Month profile because of the creative ways they are integrating technology into education.  The variety of tools and applications is stunning, and the applications touch every aspect of the life of a school community.

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