Reinventing Professional Learning to Provide More Choice, Flexibility, Equity, and Work/Life Balance

Education Talk Radio

In this Education Talk Radio interview on “Re-inventing Professional Learning to Provide more Choice, Flexibility, Equity, and Work/Life Balance,” host Larry Jacobs talks with Lisa Schmucki, the Founder and CEO of, and Larry Cocco, Senior Professional Learning Consultant for, about innovative ways that school districts are reinventing professional learning—for teachers, paras, and for all staff.

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Educators in all roles need professional learning that meets their needs in more ways and in more areas than ever before. Change is happening faster than ever, and time feels like it’s constantly shrinking.

Virtual professional learning surged to new levels during the pandemic and is a great way to bring experts into a school district on a wider range of subjects—Science of Reading, multilingual learners, mental health, artificial intelligence, and so much more—with the convenience of viewing programs at a time that is convenient, and yes, even while multitasking, like cooking a meal or listening to a podcast on a walk.

During the interview, Schmucki and Cocco discussed the following questions with Jacobs:

1. The pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on education. How did it impact professional learning?

2. How have professional learning needs changed as a result of the pandemic?

3. What do you see as positive trends in professional learning?

4. What continues to be a barrier to getting teachers effective professional learning that impacts student achievement and success?

Listen to the Interview on Podcast

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