Honoring and Thanking Our Veterans

edWeb.net and the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation (CMOHF) are working together to present live interviews with Recipients of the Medal of Honor for educators and their middle and high school students. These inspirational interviews provide rare opportunities for students to hear directly from Recipients and also ask questions about their childhood, their military service, their courage, and their lifetime of service.

A conversation on the value of integrity, courage, and the importance of character and leadership education students learn through these stories was hosted by Larry Jacobs on Education Talk Radio, with Jason Robbins, High School Teacher, Steele Canyon High School in San Diego, CA, and Lisa Schmucki, founder and CEO of edWeb.net.

Although many consider Medal of Honor Recipients to be heroes, Jason noted that they are ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary things. The lessons of these individuals provide access points that enable students to share their own stories, as well as opportunities to engage in powerful conversations about showing courage, integrity, and doing the right thing. Not only can these lessons be used for character education, but also leadership education. In addition to his history classes, Jason also teaches the Character Development curriculum to the student council as a leadership curriculum.

Students are able to learn the value of standing up for what is right from Medal of Honor Recipients and apply that to everyday scenarios, like bullying for example. The Recipients’ stories show how they were challenged in difficult situations and how students can take that same concept of courage and use it in their situations.

Educators can join the Medal of Honor Character Development community on edWeb.net to access the recordings and resources of all past interviews with Recipients, plus many recorded presentations and resources from the free CMOHF Character Development Program.

The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation was founded in 1999 by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to perpetuate the legacy of the Medal. Through character development, scholarship and citizen recognition programs based on the values embodied in the Medal – courage, sacrifice, selfless service and patriotism – the Foundation teaches all citizens that they can make a difference in the lives of others.

Education Talk RadioListen to the Education Talk Radio interview below: