How Online Tutoring Can Fulfill the Promise of Edtech

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Both IEPs and edtech share a similar promise: helping deliver personalized learning so that every child reaches their potential. But while IEPs focus on reaching kids who have already experienced difficulties, edtech is supposed to level the field before students have issues.

However, as noted by experts during the edLeader Panel “The Future of Personalized Instruction Is Here: An IEP for Every Student,” there’s usually more focus on the “tech” and not the “ed” in educational technology. They all believe, though, that one edtech service that can deliver on the promise is online tutoring.

Challenges to Delivering Personalized Learning

Lack of time

Teachers want to get to know every student and their needs, but there is not enough time in the school day. Trying to get them to stay after school or come in for extra help places burdens on teachers, students, and their families.

Lack of resources to administer additional programs

Not only does the school need the faculty to administer any additional lessons, but they need staff who can help manage scheduling, parent communication, etc.

Lack of ability to reach all students

A common complaint is that teachers “teach to the middle.” And while that is not the goal, students on the fringes are often left out as educators are pressured to get through a specific set of lessons in a designated time frame. Moreover, while a school may be able to implement an in-person tutoring program, it will still have a limited reach because it wouldn’t be able to accommodate all students.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

Anytime, anywhere access

Learning doesn’t stop at the school doors, and neither does students’ need for help. Families can access online tutoring wherever they have an internet connection.

Teachers are freed up for personalized lessons

Students can use the tutoring during class time when they have a question, allowing teachers to pull small groups together for in-depth enrichment or provide one-on-one assistance.

Alignment to the curriculum

The panelists aren’t talking about generic math help or tips the students could just look up on the internet—effective programs use evidence-based practices that support your school’s specific learning pathways.

Actionable data

Online tutoring can not only be aligned with individual student learning goals, but it also can track their progress and provide teachers with information they can use to support students.

Help with communication and administration

Online tutoring programs, like Varsity Tutors, can have features that send reminders, allow families to schedule tutoring sessions, and track attendance. This allows teachers to focus more on the students.

Educators have so much asked of them during the school day and beyond. The panelists believe that a comprehensive, effective online tutoring program can become an important tool to help them reach any student at any level.

Learn more about this edWeb broadcast, “The Future of Personalized Instruction Is Here: An IEP for Every Student,” sponsored by Varsity Tutors.

Watch the RecordingListen to the Podcast

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Article by Stacey Pusey, based on this edLeader Panel