OK to Play: How Tablets, Smartphones, Computers and Other Devices Can Be an Important Part of a Child’s Development


PreK-3Much is made of “screen time” and “device overload” regarding our children. New technologies have spurred a burst of development for young children, leaving teachers and parents wondering how much is too much. They have also heard a burst of outrageous and ill-informed claims calling for a “ban of devices for children”.  This webinar, held by edWeb’s PreK-3 Digital Learning community, helped clarify the role of gaming in education and provided webinar attendees with the information they need to effectively incorporate technology into childhood development.  Webinar presenter, Dr. Barbara Chamberlin, Game Developer and Researcher at New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab, helped webinar attendees set their own guidelines for their students, giving specific examples of how these tools can be beneficial, prompt discussion of where we should show caution, and helping us each – as parents and educators – be better informed about what is “OK to Play”.

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