Don’t Quit! Improving Your District’s Community Engagement & Communication Is Possible


Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.03.21 PMIn the past seven years, Indiana’s Noblesville Schools has tried three different website solutions in an effort to expand their community engagement.  The process was frustrating, but their research and persistence finally led them to the engagement and communication levels they were looking for.  In this webinar for the Parent Involvement and Community Engagement community, Andrew Swickheimer, Nobleville’s Director of Technology, and Michele Turner, Nobleville’s Data Integration Manager, shared about their experience finding and implementing a responsive one-stop portal for their district. Today they have increased website visitors, no hosting or stability issues, happy staff members, and “plugged in” parents, students, and teachers.  Andrew and Michele covered what is important to look for in a website and community management solution, including stability, availability, and an integrated mobile communications app.  Andrew and Michele shared their evaluation rubric and how the mobile-friendly solution they chose is making a positive impact on how parents and students stay connected with their schools and teachers.  View the webinar to learn how to find the best community engagement solution for your district.

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