Music and Language Learning: Songs and Chants to Support Children’s Developing Language and Literacy Skills and Teachers’ Goals

This program has been updated.

Music TogetherThis Arts & Music in Early Learning webinar explored how and why the content and process of developmentally appropriate music activities can support young children’s language and literacy skill development. Participants gained a deeper understanding of how they can easily use music to support important areas of language learning including: phonological awareness, vocabulary development, print awareness, active listening skills, and creative storytelling.  This webinar was presented by Lili M. Levinowitz, Ph.D., Professor of Music Education at Rowan University and Director of Research for the Center for Music and Young Children, and Lauren Guilmartin, MA, Project Manager in Research and Development at Music Together, LLC.  Lili and Lauren explored this topic by providing research as well as practical advice and engaged attendees with examples of songs and movements for the classroom.

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