Moving From Evaluation To Coaching

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ClassFlowBeing a school leader is more than just being a manager. When it comes to evaluations and reflecting on current practices, it is important for a school leader to be a coach. What is effective coaching? How can school leaders be better coaches?  In this webinar for the Leading Change for Continuous Improvement community, educator, author and learning evangelist Steven W. Anderson led an exploration of the role of the school leader as a coach and what strategies we all can use to be better coaches. View this webinar recording to learn about moving from evaluation to coaching!

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Leading Change for Continuous Improvement is a free online professional learning community (PLC) designed to provide instructional leadership strategies for driving the organizational change necessary in today’s dynamic learning environments. This community will bring inspiration, support, and solutions for educational leaders who embrace technology as a catalyst for reinventing teaching and learning. This program is sponsored by ClassFlow.

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