edWeb.net Announces Conceptua Math Sponsorship of Community on Understanding Mathematics

Conceptua Math LogoedWeb.net is announcing Conceptua Math as the new sponsor of the free Building Understanding in Mathematics professional learning community on edWeb. The community provides opportunities for math educators from around the world to collaborate and share ideas about best practices for math instruction.

The Building Understanding in Mathematics community is a place for administrators, math coaches, math specialists, curriculum coordinators, teachers of mathematics and paraprofessionals to work together on mathematical practices, content standards, technology in the math classroom, differentiation, formative/summative assessments, manipulatives, and suggested frameworks/timelines. This is the fifth year anniversary of this community of over 9,000 math educators.

Dr. Sara Delano Moore has presented more than 50 edWebinars for the Building Understanding in Mathematics community. Her ability to convey new ideas about teaching math in a relaxed and supportive style has made her one of edWeb’s most popular presenters. Dr. Moore’s program of edWebinars will be continuing with Conceptua Math’s support for this free professional learning community.

Conceptua Math has planned a three-part edWebinar series on extending place value understanding from smaller to larger numbers. Part one, “Organizing Place Value Tools in a Developmental Progression,” will take place on Tuesday, April 18. Dr. Moore will present on a variety of concrete and virtual models for place value, including both concrete and ten frames, base ten blocks, and number lines.

Part two will take place on Tuesday, May 9. Dr. Moore will discuss strategies for helping students share what they understand about place value and develop their understanding further through math talks and discourse about models and experiences. In part three on Tuesday, June 13, Dr. Moore will explore how arrays can be used to support students’ developing understanding of multiplication and division with larger numbers.

Lisa Schmucki, founder of edWeb.net, commented, “Our Building Understanding in Mathematics community is a very successful model of how educators can use online collaboration for learning and support. Much of the credit for this goes to Sara Moore and her outstanding edWebinar presentations that provide math educators with free professional learning and mutual support. We are so happy that Conceptua Math is the new sponsor of this wonderful and growing community of math educators.”

“We are very excited to be the exclusive sponsor of the Building Understanding in Mathematics community. edWeb and Sara’s history of delivering top notch continuing education for professionals within the mathematics community is very important to our industry. We are honored to be a part of the process,” said Arjan Khalsa, CEO and Founder of Conceptua Math.

Educators are invited to join the free Building Understanding in Mathematics professional learning community on edWeb.net for invitations to upcoming edWebinars, online discussions, and access to resources.