Are You Ready To Be A Principal?

“Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Find out what it takes to be a great principal in this month’s Leadership 3.0 webinar. Presenter Jimmy Cassas, Principal at Bettendorf High School in Iowa, shared strategies and tips for successfully leading your staff and students.  He discussed the importance of meaningful relationships, developing staff, and creating a school wide sense of pride.  He also shared examples from his experiences and growth as a principal. Watch the webinar to find out more.

Quotes from the session:

“I love the way Joe Mazza describes his role as principal as “Lead Learner” :-) Role modeling at its best”

“Can’t learn if not feeling socially comfortable, social curriculum is key so best academic learning can occur”

“Good advice, I like the idea of returning after being proven in another district. I have watched it work out really well and not so well, so I continue to be torn.”

“This has been an awesome webinar…thank you for this straight talk. I’m inspired!”


Click to view the webinar “Are You Ready To Be A Principal?”

Presented by Jimmy Casas, Principal at Bettendorf High School in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Jimmy Casas is the Principal at Bettendorf High School in Bettendorf, Iowa.  He is an experienced administrator at both the middle and high school levels. Jimmy was named the 2012 Iowa Secondary Principal of the Year and was selected as one of three finalists for NASSP 2012 National Secondary Principal of the Year.  He is the Co-Founder of #IAedchat and moderates its on-line discussion every Sunday night at 8PM CT.

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