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Finding Screen Time Balance in Elementary Math Classrooms

Thursday, May 30, 2024 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

Finding Screen Time Balance in Elementary Math Classrooms

Presented by Christine Danhoff, Technology Integration Specialist, North Point Educational Service Center; Laura Kennedy, Acting Technology Integration Lead, Halifax Regional Centre for Education; and James Sanders, Product Marketing Manager, Unruly Studios

Sponsored by Unruly Math

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Screen time overuse and its potential negative impacts on learning are growing concerns for educators. In elementary classrooms, reducing dependence on screens while increasing active engagement can foster healthier learning habits and promote a positive association with math. View this edWebinar to learn how educators tackle these challenges by blending movement-based games with collaborative learning, transforming traditional math instruction.

In this edWebinar, educators with diverse experiences share insights and strategies to combat screen time reliance and build student confidence in K-5 math, including:

  • Current challenges in math education and how excessive screen time affects student engagement
  • Ways educators can integrate active learning techniques to boost engagement and reduce screen dependence
  • Strategies for cultivating a positive, screen-balanced math mindset in elementary classrooms

This session is designed to equip educators with practical tools for creating a dynamic, student-centered math environment where active learning and reduced screen time lead to improved academic outcomes.

This recorded edWebinar is of interest to K-5 teachers, math curriculum directors and coordinators, and school, district, and education technology leaders.

About the Presenters

Christine Danhoff is the K–12 technology integration specialist at Genoa Area Local Schools in Genoa, Ohio. She has a passion for integrating STEM, augmented and virtual reality, and computer science into the classroom. She loves providing students with new experiences they may otherwise never get to experience.

Laura Kennedy

Laura Kennedy has taught various grades from primary to six. Currently part of the TILT (tech integration) team in Nova Scotia, Laura continues to explore and present ways to use technology for productive learning in elementary to high school classes. Integrating a STEM approach with all learners encourages connections with the use of hands-on tasks that offer low-floor, high-ceiling opportunities. The design thinking process is key to helping students experience testing, feedback, editing, and problem-solving.

James Sanders is the Product Marketing Manager at Unruly Studios, where he champions the transformative potential of Unruly Math and Unruly Code for K-12 education. With over 15 years of experience in the field, James has helped introduce tools like Chromebooks, YouTube for Education, and Breakout EDU to schools. His efforts focus on empowering educators with innovative strategies to enhance learning and engagement in the classroom.

His background in integrating technology into education is complemented by his background as the founder and CEO of Breakout EDU, a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House, and an Innovation Manager for KIPP Schools. James holds a master’s in elementary education from Loyola Marymount University and a bachelor’s in social studies from Western Washington University. Outside of his professional endeavors, he is passionate about photography and adventures with his young family.

Learn more about viewing the live presentation and the recording, earning your CE certificate, and using our new accessibility features.

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