The Multiplayer Classroom: Education in Play


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.53.57 AMThe children of today need the techniques of today to learn. This does not mean a blind faith in technology, such as video games or social media clumsily shoehorned into a curriculum like a stepsister’s foot vainly squeezed into Cinderella’s slipper. The multiplayer classroom is not a class that uses video games to teach; instead it uses the craft of game design to create an entire class as a real-time multiplayer game. Elements include grading by accretion, learning by failing, intrinsic rewards, peer teaching and more. Recent studies bear out initial anecdotal evidence from hundreds of teachers: the average grade for a class has risen from a C to a B. Students are creating their own assignments. Class attendance is almost perfect. The multiplayer classroom uses the techniques today’s world uses to communicate with us, so that we can teach our children in a language they understand. In this webinar for the Game-Based Learning community, Lee Sheldon explored the multiplayer classroom. Topics covered included: an introduction to the history and philosophy behind multiplayer classrooms; identifying ways to apply elements of games to your own classes; and methods for turning parents, other teachers and administrators into enthusiastic supporters of the multiplayer classroom. View the webinar to learn how to create an entire class as a real-time multiplayer game.

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