Common Core and Text Types: What Should Students Be Reading?


Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 1.15.33 PMText Types must go beyond the “Shifts” which suggest more non-fiction, and instead embrace the actual standards which direct student activity within the text.  While our “first steps” at increasing a balance of literary and informational text may seem satisfactory, we need to understand the range of text types and how they align within the standards themselves.  Access to a variety of texts is a key barrier for many schools and classrooms.  In this example-packed webinar for the Implementing the Common Core State Standards community, presenter Kevin Baird of the Center for College and Career Readiness, took his audience on a tour of texts suggested by the Common Core State Standards – several of which were surprising!  Mr. Baird explored low-cost to no-cost methods of overcoming this barrier while meeting the requirements of the Common Core State Standards.  Participants learned the types of texts required, how to think about application of the text types for a variety of classroom situations, and how to specifically align using a variety of tools and resources including Destiny Library Manager and Follett Shelf.

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