Teaching Reading and Writing through Social Language Contexts to Students with Autism


Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 11.23.42 AMThe overall benefits of cloud based data and mobile management as well as touch and other usability features of these technologies are relevant for teaching reading and literacy as well as writing tools.  In the December webinar for the edWeb.net Teaching Students with Autism community, presenter Katharina Boser, President of Individual Differences in Learning, and Technology Coordinator at Glenelg Country School, discussed a variety of different educational apps and software technologies to aid reading comprehension for a range of students with autism, including many for the iPad and iPod.   Katharina taught attendees how to recognize and treat comprehension impairments in single word, sentence and narrative contexts in students with ASD. She shared a variety of tools for mobile tablets, and PCs that facilitate appropriate comprehension therapies. Examples include building explicit visualizations of complex word meanings, providing world context through mind maps, using predictive, inference-based questions and highlighting to extract intention and emotion of author or character. There was a focus on mind-mapping tools and multimedia software delivered within a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework to make abstract information more concrete (e.g.,Vizzle, Inspiration, Book Creators, Mobile education apps, StoryPals, Abilipad, Clicker Docs, ReadWrite, Draft Builder, Livescribe pen, Opposites, Synonym and Idiom plus Apps for other platforms). In addition, a number of tools to improve reading and writing comprehension through TTS text to speech, word predication, images and speech to text were presented. Join the community and take a quiz to receive a CE Certificate for viewing this webinar.

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