Teaching Independence: Preparing Your Secondary Students with Autism for Life Beyond School


AutismAccording to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities is 78.5%. In the last decade research on teaching students with significant disabilities has identified many effective instructional strategies appropriate for secondary students. As educators, how can we utilize these strategies to better prepare our students for life beyond school?

In this webinar, hosted by edWeb community Teaching Students with Autism, Dr. Joel Arick, lead author of the internationally used STAR (Strategies for Teaching based-on Autism Research) Program and Links Curriculum, discussed evidence-based strategies for teaching secondary students with Autism the critical skills necessary for success in school, community and vocational settings. Attendees learned how to use task analysis, visual supports and behavioral strategies to improve student independence through database decision making. Dr. Arick shared examples of effective tools that assist instructors to conduct assessment, instruction, data collection and progress monitoring.

View the webinar recording to learn more about the following information:

  •     Understanding evidence-based practices for secondary students
  •     Examples of using a task analysis
  •     Examples of using visual supports
  •     Examples of teaching skills to improve performance on difficult steps of routines
  •     Monitoring progress

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