Preparing Children for Success in School and Life


Dr Marcia TateDid you know that if nothing changes, this generation of children will be the first in 200 years whose life expectancy may be shorter than that of their parents? Why? Could it be that we live in an age when family stability is crumbling, children are not eating healthy and yet adopting a sedentary lifestyle, and the media is filled with inappropriate language and explicit violence? What can we, as educators, do to make a definitive difference? In this webinar for the Early Childhood Learning Solutions community, Marcia L. Tate, CEO of Developing Minds, Inc., shared techniques which enable educators to help ensure that children are physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally healthy.  She also shared research-based strategies for creating a brain-compatible classroom and delivering effective instruction, and revealed the 10 things that keep adults living beyond the age of 80.  View the webinar recording to experience content that has been called enlightening as well as life-changing!

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