Mathcraft: Combining Minecraft with Math for Exponential Learning


Mathcraft: Combining Minecraft with Math for Exponential LearningOver the past year, there has been a growing body of evidence that the popular game Minecraft is a powerful learning tool that can revolutionize the way we teach. Many teachers and schools want to try it but do not know how. They have difficulties with installation, understanding how to use it as an educational tool, and a seemingly steep learning curve. With this in mind we welcome you to Mathcraft, a program created by teacher and curriculum writer Jim Pike, 5th grade teacher at Albert Einstein Academy of Beverly Hills, as a way to engage his students in the understanding of and performance on Common Core Math. Over the past year, Jim has been working with CodeRev Kids to train teachers in Minecraft and they have begun to transform classrooms across Los Angeles and its surrounding cities.

In this edWeb webinar from the Digital Classroom community and hosted by Common Sense Education, Jim demonstrated how to turn Minecraft buildings into algebraic equations and how to build algorithms for standardized test questions in the game itself. He also introduced CodeRev’s online training Mathcraft Certification class, which includes access to a Minecraft Professional Development server and the Mathcraft Standards Wiki. The Mathcraft Standards Wiki is a database for lesson plans that are aligned to the Common Core Standards with thorough explanations. Jim also discussed classroom management styles and pedagogies in a digital game-based learning environment.

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