What is Formative Assessment?


MathFormative assessment is a powerful tool for improving teaching and increasing student learning.  edWeb.net community, Implementing Common Core Standards in Math, is holding a four-part Formative Assessment Webinar Series that will explore strategies for strengthening the role of formative assessment in mathematics instruction.  In the first interactive session, Dr. Sara Delano Moore, Director of Mathematics and Science at ETA hand2mind, focused on the essential elements of formative assessment.  She reviewed the basic principles and showed attendees evidence of its power to increase student learning.  View the webinar recording to learn about this powerful tool for teaching and learning.

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Implementing Common Core Standards in Math is a professional learning community (PLC) that provides a platform, advice and support regarding the new roll out in our national math curriculum. Some of the topics to be discussed in this community include: suggested frameworks/time lines, formative/summative assessments, engaging lessons, manipulatives, content standards, mathematical practices, family involvement, technology, and differentiation.  This program is sponsored by ETA hand2mind.

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