Embedding Music in the Early Childhood Inclusion Classroom

This program has been updated.

artsandmusicEarly childhood classroom teachers, aids, and paraprofessionals discovered a wealth of information in this webinar! In this edWeb.net webinar for the Arts & Music in Early Learning community, attendees learned songs and activities that support social development, language development, and physical/motor development for ALL the children in their classes – including special learners or those with challenging behaviors. Participants also learned how to structure song experiences to accommodate special learners, including children with delays in social/emotional development (i.e. autism), language development (i.e. apraxia), and physical/motor development (i.e. cerebral palsy). Webinar presenter, Carol Ann Blank, board certified music therapist and Manager of Special Needs Services at Music Together LLC, shared videos of specific examples of accommodations made in an inclusion music class for children in the preschool setting. The participants saw how students with disabilities participate in instrument play, singing, and academic-related activities, alongside their typically developing deaf peers.

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Arts and Music in Early Learning is a free professional learning community (PLC) that helps educators create and integrate fine arts and music into their classrooms. The community hosts online discussions that make it easy for educators to stay connected over time with fellow teachers to share ideas, practices, examples, and lesson plans.  The community is a growing resource center with webinar archives, CE quizzes, and support materials that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This program is sponsored by Music Together.

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