The Authentic Learning Classroom

ClassFlowHaving a classroom full of mobile devices opens up a world of possibilities. Students can do more than just consume information. They can create and collaborate in new and exciting ways. But with these possibilities comes challenges. In this webinar, held by edWeb community, ReEnergize Today’s Connected Classroom, Steven Anderson, Content and Relationship Evangelist for Promethean, discussed what today’s mobile learning classroom looks and feels like.  Together, attendees learned how to transition from a classroom of students and a teacher, to a community of learners. Watch the webinar recording to learn more about creating an authentic learning classroom!

Join the ReEnergize Today’s Connected Classroom community on and take a quiz to receive a CE Certificate for viewing this webinar.  The slides, additional resources, and quiz are available in the Resource Library.

ReEnergize Today’s Connected Classroom is a free online professional learning community (PLC) that shows teachers how they can use technology to revolutionize the learning process and the entire learning environment.  The community will feature free webinars and online discussions so teachers anywhere in the world can share ideas and resources on reinventing the classroom!  This program is sponsored by ClassFlow.

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