D as in Disaster: Planning for the Worst — Hoping for the Best


hurricane-63005_1280Disasters of all types have plagued mankind since the beginning of time. Some disasters are man-made, and others are acts of nature. As we approach the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina it is good to remember some of the lessons learned from the recovery process that early care and education program owners and directors experienced. Whether the disaster is the result of an act of nature or man-made, the importance of planning for the unthinkable cannot be overstated.

A disaster of any kind can still be a real threat to the stability of the program and to the maintenance of the high quality programming each owner/director strives to achieve. In this edWeb webinar presented by the Early Learning Book Chats community, Dr. Cathy Grace led a discussion on how to prepare for potential disasters so that financial stability, replacement of educational materials, mental health issues of staff, parents, and children, and program quality are not compromised should an unexpected event occur. Attendees heard more on how to address the “new normal” facing the community and its families, how relationships can make or break the recovery process, and what can be done before any storm clouds gather to minimize the potential collapse of a program or multitude of programs. Dr. Grace is the Co-Director of The Graduate Center on the Study of Early Learning at the University of Mississippi.

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