Can We Skip Recess to Work on Our Project? How to Inspire and Engage Your K–5 Students with STEM


car-engine-231213_640The shortage of professionals with advanced skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is a real challenge for companies and the US economy. It presents a tremendous opportunity for today’s students who have a passion for STEM—the most in-demand, rewarding college degrees and jobs are in the STEM fields. How do K–12 teachers and administrators provide students with access to engaging STEM programs so they are excited about the subjects and prepared to take advantage of opportunities? As Sandy Bradshaw, STEM Teacher Leader at Midway Elementary School of Science and Engineering in South Carolina, and Ginger Teague, Director of Professional Development at national nonprofit Project Lead The Way (PLTW), discussed in this webinar, access starts early. View the webinar with Sandy and Ginger to learn more about: why early access is critical, particularly for girls and underrepresented minority students; what works to engage students in STEM subjects and give them confidence to continue pursuing the disciplines after elementary school; and strategies Midway Elementary School used to integrate problem-based STEM curriculum in the school day and the results they are experiencing. Sandy and Ginger shared key messages and tactics to persuade your school board or colleagues of the value in interdisciplinary STEM programs for K–5 students and strategies to integrate STEM throughout the school day. In addition, you can explore PLTW Launch Lead Teacher Readiness Training—the first phase of PLTW’s renowned professional development—for free!

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