Branding Your School – YOU Tell The Story


Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.31.25 PMPresenters Tony Sinanis and Joe Sanfelippo feel that as Lead Learners in their schools, it is imperative to devote time to branding their schools and telling their stories! Think about the Golden Arches – everyone knows they symbolize McDonalds and a place where you can get a cheap meal. Think about Apple – everyone knows they are synonymous with innovation and changing the world with the iPad! Branding is key. Telling our stories is critical! Why should we allow people to create their own perceptions, which could be rooted in misinformation, based on word of mouth or what is published in the local paper? Branding, typically associated with the business world, is exactly what our schools need today!  In the Leadership 3.0 community’s February webinar, Tony and Joe showed how to spread the word about the awesome things happening in schools that principals and teachers can capitalize on. The presenters encourage school leaders to brand their schools, fuel the perceptions, and to create their own realities! Tony and Joe also shared ideas and methods any educator can use as a vehicle to tell the story of their school, solidify their brand, and ensure that the brand promise meets the brand experience!  Attendees walked away knowing that their are ways for them to take control of their own brand.

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